Virtual Try-On: AI-powered shopping is here

In the frenetic world of online shopping, Google has ushered in a new era with its innovative AI-powered virtual try-on feature. Thanks to this new tool, shoppers can finally experience the thrill of "try before you buy" right from the comfort of their homes.

But what is it all about?

Virtual Try-On: A World of Realistic Details

Imagine browsing through your favorite online stores and being able to see clothes on real models, each with different shapes and sizes. This is now possible thanks to Google's virtual try-on feature, which shows how clothing items fit and move on a variety of bodies.

Thanks to generative AI, it's possible to appreciate details like draping, folding, stretching, and fabric creases, offering a more realistic and informative perspective before making a purchase.

Generative AI and Diffusion

The new virtual try-on feature is based on an advanced artificial intelligence model called "diffusion". This unique process involves gradually adding pixels ("noise") to an image until it becomes unrecognizable, and then completely removing the noise and reconstructing the original image with perfect quality. This allows Google to produce photorealistic portraits of clothes worn on real models, taking the virtual try-on experience to a whole new level.

Learning through Shopping Graph

To ensure maximum accuracy and realism, the new AI model has been trained using the extensive dataset of Google's Shopping Graph. This dataset includes a wide range of shopping information, from products to sellers, providing a vast knowledge base to optimize the virtual try-on feature.

With millions of pairs of images of different clothes and people, the AI learns to accurately match the shape of the clothing item to the model's figure, ensuring precise and reliable results.

Expansion and Future of Virtual Try-On

Currently available for women's tops from brands in Google's Shopping Graph, the virtual try-on feature will continue to evolve over time. Google has stated that the tool will become increasingly accurate and will expand to other brands in the future. This promises to offer shoppers an even more comprehensive and accurate overview of their potential purchases, further enhancing the online shopping experience for everyone.

The Revolution Continues

In an increasingly interconnected world between digital and physical, Google's virtual try-on feature represents a milestone in the evolution of online shopping. By offering a more engaging, informative, and realistic experience, Google is redefining the rules of the game and paving the way for the future of virtual shopping.

So, next time you're on the hunt for the perfect garment, take a virtual spin with Google's virtual try-on feature and discover an exciting new way to shop online.

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