Tik Tok Marketing: 10 tips to take on Gen Z

We have already seen how powerful TikTok can be as a channel to reach those young consumers who are attracted by video campaigns more than any other previous generation. Young generations have become a key target for a large number of companies in several fields. It is crucial that we pay attention to them and the way that we can approach them successfully, because unlike previous generations, they were born and grew up understanding technology as part of their lives, and such detail makes the expert users in selecting and filtering the information that they receive from their devices. 

Since 2019, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps and already has more than a billion of users; a number that far from ignoring, we must understand and consider to develop our digital marketing campaigns. 

The user profile of this platform is mainly a young person who was born in a technological era. This will condition not only the use they give to TikTok but also the campaign style that will positively influence their consumption habits. 

Discover the TikTok User Profile

TikTok offers a wealth of opportunities to target new audiences and stay on top of the trends for every industry. So here it is all you need to know about the new generations to stand out of the crowds. 

Generation Z: TikTok users are mainly part of Gen Z. Being born between 1997 and 2012, they are digital natives who understand the internet as an important part of their lives and a natural way to socialise. Moreover, Along with Millennials and other younger generations, studies reveal that TikTok users have over 1 billion euros spending power, making them a very attractive group for brands. 

Also, it is important to remark that new generations value video communication more than any other media, turning video campaigns into the best marketing approach and TikTok a very powerful channel to reach them. 

Another important aspect to consider before developing your TikTok campaign is that its users prefer other user-generated content over promotion videos. Make sure that you count on TikTokers to produce a successful campaign. 

Furthemore, we cannot fail to mention that the audience that you’ll find on TikTok is not only value-conscious but also, they care about ethics and will be attracted by brands that align with their beliefs and values (planet friendly, vegan, etc).

How to create attractive content for Gen Z on TikTok.

When it comes to campaigns targeting young generations, the mindset of the audience that you will find on TikTok is crucial to create your brand’s content. 

They will support brands with social responsibilities and, here are some aspects to consider and that Gen Z care about:  

  • Diversity: TikTok users expect to find racial and ethnic diversity in the content that they’ll find on the platform. There’s no excuses to create content where everybody can feel reflected.
  • LGBTQ+: new generations care about inclusion and they expect representation of each community. Taboos have been left behind and the new generations are clear that there is space for everyone. 
  • Planet friendly and socially responsible: Gen Zers want to purchase from brands that they view as ethical. Make sure that they feel your brand is close to sustainability and fair manufacturing values.
  • Transparency is a booster: Transparency is one of the most essential values for modern consumers. Brand trust matters and it may significantly influence the new generation’s purchase decision. The more that you allow them to get to know your brand on your campaigns, the better.
  • Coherence: Your actions need to match your words, They know how to do further research and build their own criteria about your company so make sure that you don’t “fake anything until you make it” and make them part of any transition that your brand needs to go through to become a more ethical one. 
  • Entertaining Content is an ally: It seems pretty obvious but, the new generations are expert in browsing and very quick to filter through content and find what is interesting for them indeed. TikTok videos range from 15 to 60 seconds and that’s all the time you’ve got to impact young consumers. 
  • Create a Brand Community: Studies reveal that Gen Z might be the loneliest generation so far. However, they are looking for ways to connect, and unlike previous generations, they establish valuable connections in the digital world. 

Brand communities are not only beneficial for bringing like-minded people together, but they can massively help your brand. 

A brand community provides your followers with a space to feel seen and heard in a unique way, potentially leading them to invite more people to share in the brand experience and impact.

The Extra Mile for your TikTok Strategy. 

Here are some final tips to create campaigns that young generations will Love to see in your TikTok strategy.

  • Content that shares the behind-scene of your company: Show them authenticity with behind-the-scenes content about where products come from, how they’re made and how employees view the company.

Other cool ideas can be to highlight employee success stories or do mini “day in the life” documentaries that show the day-to-day life of an employee. This celebrates the mundane, which is popular on TikTok, and gives them a glimpse into company culture.

  • Bring some value to your content: A simple promotional video won’t impact your audience on TikTok. Try to show a product demo video with real-life benefits, host an “ask-me-anything” live video to address questions and concerns, and use customer testimonials or reviews instead. 

Also, a discount code or promotional offer is always a powerful tool to show your audience that you’re trying to give them value and benefits.

  • Open up to conversation: Social media offers endless opportunities for feedback, customer insights and customer engagement. 

Video marketing can open you up to two-way conversations with young generations on TikTok to learn what they like and what they want from you.

Read comments and respond as much as possible to show that you care about them as customers. You can also prompt feedback and engagement by asking questions, conducting short surveys or conducting polls. If you want more in-depth insights, host a contest or giveaway for survey completion that includes a discount code, a free sample or early access to a service.

Last Insights

  • Take time to understand how the internet shaped young TikTik users and new consumers. 
  • Focus on transparency.
  • Define and make very clear your company’s values. 
  • Develop engaging campaigns based on “real life” content.
  • Nurture your relationship with consumers through two-way conversations. 
  • Allow an ongoing interaction.

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