Marketing on Twitch: has the moment arrived?

Twitch is an American, and owned by Amazon, video live streaming platform that was initially loved by gamers and followers of the gaming world, but it has expanded its content diversity to other fields - including sport competitions, beauty, music, lifestyle, among others.  On Twitch, users can broadcast their video game performance, sport competitions or beauty tutorials and their followers can comment in real time through a chat and interact with them. 

Twitch offers a space for creative content, music  and sport broadcasts and “in real life” streaming.  

The platform was launched in 2011 and streamers can produce content that lasts from a minute to more than eight hours. Moreover, users can discover new content by browsing different categories, such as, games, music, sport, lifestyle and many more. Once you find a streamer that you like, you can follow their channel and get activity updates and notifications. 

Also, it should be noted that Twitch has partnered with gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch League to host worldwide gaming and esports events exclusive to the platform

Finally, we must mention that twitch has positioned itself as the streaming star, accounting for 72.2% of all hours watched live on the internet. 

All this is not only reason enough for the platform to gain more followers every day, but also deserves the attention of marketers and start brainstorming to include Twitch in your digital marketing strategy.

The keys to Twitch success

Twitch offers a space for highly skilled people in video games (initially) and a variety of streaming topics to share their exploits with a community that is passionate about such themes and who enjoys the performance of streamers and expect to learn from them. Moreover, Twitch allows streamers to engage with their community through chat in real time. 

From eSsport competitions to gaming talk shows or music events have broken into the platform to provide entertainment content for regulars and new users of the platform. 

The secret for people getting hooked on streaming content on Twitch is the immediate connection in real time from streamers and viewers, as well as the streamer’s engaging personality and their great capacities in the subject in question. 

Definitely, despite the fact that Twitch is not considered a social network, it must be said that this platform has been able to provide a channel of interaction and rapprochement between streamers and followers without precedent until now.

Digital marketing opportunities on Twitch

Influencer marketing

As in any other channel where you can create a community of followers, Twitch is perfect for executing an influencer marketing strategy

It is clear that the followers of the streamers on Twitch trust them and are relevant enough to determine the consumption habits of the users. A significantly close relationship is created between them (more than in any other channel, perhaps) due to the twitch format and this makes it a great opportunity for an influencer marketing strategy.

The promotions are done during a live streaming instead of pre-made audiovisual content. This will help your brand learn the instant reaction and opinion that your product generates from consumers and, the quicker the feedback the more accurate. Any effort to get closer to your customers is a must and Twitch certainly makes it easier. 

Since the streamer is interacting in real time with their followers on the chat and you can receive feedback from the audience straightforwardly, the best influencer marketing practices are product unboxing, giveaways, and any idea that actively involves the streamer’s audience. 

It is a matter of fact that if you're pursuing a young audience,traditional advertising methods just don’t resonate. However, Twitch viewers are more than willing to pay attention to what their favourite Twitch streamers are touting.

Inputs to use Twitch for your digital marketing

Every great digital marketing strategy begins by setting specific and measurable goals and your presence within the platform. - Will your brand open its own streaming channel on the platform? Will you seek support from the streamer leaders to reach new audiences and consumers? Twitch can be a win-win social media to increase popularity for both streamers and brands. As long as you set measurable goals inline with your overall digital marketing strategy, you will find juicy benefits from being part of Twitch. 

Also, it is crucial that you understand the average Twitch user. Identify their age, gender and timing within the platform so you can deliver the right marketing approach to them and avoid budget waste. For example, Twitch counts on more male users than females. 

Finally, Seek entertainment first and advertising later. Despite the fact that you can find on Twitch traditional advertising approaches such as banners, takeovers, and mid-rolls, if you want to take the best out of Twitch, the best that you can do is to partner up with a relevant streamer. The content created by streamers will be the most effective approach on Twitch since Twitch users truly embrace learning about products from their favourite streamers because it feels personal

Moreover, we already leant that especially young generations tend to trust people more than they trust businesses.

As a last tip, we’d like you to consider opening your own brand’s streaming channel. Believe it or not, there are several reasons why your audience might follow your brand on a live streaming platform like Twitch, for example: 

  • To learn about your products and services.
  • Entertainment purposes.
  • News about your business or industry.
  • Promotions or discounts.
  • To connect with people who share their interests.

Make sure that you include some creative minds in your team and give it a try!

To sum up!

  • Twitch is a social media platform with a huge potential to reach consumers.
  • Twitch users are rapidly following so it is worth putting some effort into your digital marketing strategy
  • It is one of the most effective channels to reach the youngest generations.
  • Twitch live chat will bring an amazing value to the relationship with your customers and potential consumers
  • The theme of streamers on Twitch is expanding beyond the gaming world and is worth keeping an eye on and finding the opportunities for your brand. 
  • Twitch offers you a new channel for influencer marketing at the same time that it offers you the space to open your own streaming channel. 

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