How will UX change in 2024?

In the constantly evolving digital age, user experience (UX) plays an increasingly crucial role in determining the success or failure of a product or service.

With rapidly advancing technologies and growing social awareness, promises to be

Through a detailed analysis conducted by UNGUESS, a crowdsourcing company active in the field of digital service testing, ten trends emerge that will shape the UX landscape over the next twelve months.

Inclusivity, involvement and sustainability

Accessibility becomes a top priority in digital interface design. With an average of 50 accessibility barriers on every web page, inclusive design is no longer an option, but a necessity. An inclusive approach makes it possible to offer balanced and effective solutions for diverse audiences.

Analysing users' emotional reactions allows for a more empathetic and engaging design: the ability to arouse emotions becomes a key element for successful UX.

Attention to social and environmental aspects becomes central in the design process of digital interfaces. Pushing users towards ethical and sustainable decisions becomes an unavoidable goal.

Privacy and consistency, even more

Transparency and protection of personal data become essential to gain users' trust. A proactive approach to privacy is key to building secure and transparent browsing experiences.

With the increasing use of mobile and desktop devices at the same time, users also expect visual and interaction consistency across all platforms. Maintaining consistency in design becomes crucial to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience.

UX equals interface and interaction

The 'dark mode', which reduces eye fatigue and saves energy, is becoming increasingly popular. Its implementation as the default version is increasingly demanded by users. The increasing adoption of chatbots and voice assistants also requires the development of intuitive and communicative conversational interfaces.

Details such as smooth animations and instant feedback play a key role in enhancing the user experience. Investing in small details is essential to ensure a satisfying UX.

Gamification e intelligenza artificiale

Playful elements in digital interfaces motivate and engage users, improving retention and making interaction more fun and rewarding.

Of course, a lot of AI here too: artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important tool in user experience research. Its ability to analyse data and develop effective solutions will help redefine the design process of digital interfaces.

The year 2024 promises to be a year of great challenges and opportunities in the field of user experience. With an increasing focus on inclusivity, emotional engagement, sustainability and privacy, companies are being called upon to radically renew the way they engage with their users.

Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and attention to the smallest details, it is possible to create digital experiences that not only satisfy, but also excite and inspire.

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