Filson: +136.25% of revenue thanks to Klaviyo

Challenge and Approach

Filson is an iconic brand in the world of outdoor apparel, with a rich history of tradition and innovation dating back to the mid-19th century.

Founded in 1850 by C.C. Filson, the brand has distinguished itself for its attention to detail and artisanal quality of its products, representing a perfect blend of tradition and innovation that continues to inspire and captivate generations of enthusiasts. With dedication and quality, Filson combines functionality and authenticity.

This case study illustrates our strategy with Klaviyo, a specialized email marketing & SMS platform.

To tackle this challenge, we adopted a series of targeted strategies, leveraging the full potential of the platform:

Early Access Flow with Exclusive Discounts

Using Klaviyo, Filson implemented an early access email flow, offering exclusive discounts to subscribers only for a limited period of 24 or 48 hours.

This strategy generated a sense of urgency among customers and thus increased sales and customer loyalty.

"Last Pieces" Flow

Filson utilized Klaviyo to create emails promoting the last remaining pieces of certain collections.

This tactic leveraged the low of availability of products, encouraging customers to complete their purchase before the desired items became unavailable.

Countdowns and Urgent Messages

Through Klaviyo, Filson incorporated countdowns and urgent messages within emails and on the website to highlight the expiration of ongoing promotions.

This approach created a sense of urgency and prompted recipients to complete their purchase before it was too late.

Email Reminders and Persuasive Popups

Filson utilized Klaviyo's features to send email reminders and apply popups on their website, reminding visitors to use available discounts or subscribe to the newsletter to receive exclusive discounts.

These persuasive prompts helped increase user engagement and guide them toward the desired action.

Results: some Post-Klaviyo data

Following the implementation of the marketing automation platform Klaviyo, Filson experienced a significant improvement in its email marketing strategies.

During the period between September 2023 and February 2024, compared to the previous period, the email channel showed a significant increase of +101% in generated revenue.

This data highlights the effectiveness of targeted and personalized campaigns conducted through Klaviyo in increasing the company's revenue.

A Comparison between Klaviyo Activation and the Previous Period:


When comparing the same period to the previous year, the results are equally impressive, with a +26% increase in revenue generated through the email channel.

This demonstrates that the use of Klaviyo has contributed to maintaining consistent growth over time, consolidating Filson's position in the outdoor apparel market.

Within 30 days of activation, emails accounted for a significant portion of Filson's eCommerce total revenue, contributing to 45.6% of the overall revenue.

This data is supported by an average Open Rate of 60% and an average Click Rate of 7%, indicating a high level of engagement from email recipients.


These results testify to the effectiveness of Filson's email marketing strategy, which has effectively leveraged the capabilities of Klaviyo to reach and engage its customers, generating a positive impact on the company's revenue and solidifying its leadership position in the high-quality outdoor apparel sector.

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