Email Marketing: tools you need to know in 2022

There’s no doubt that email marketing is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies to conquer your current customers and engage with the new ones.

It is a safe bet that guarantees the success of your effort if you really know how to do so. For this reason, we bring you today some awesome tools that will help you build a stunning email marketing strategy with no extra pain.

Email Marketing 2022: tools that you need to know

Although email marketing has always been part of our digital marketing strategy, it is important to understand that it evolves and does so at the same speed as the rest of strategies in the field.

So if you want email marketing to remain a safe bet, check out these tools and embrace creativity at the same time that you guarantee efficiency and results.


Being an email deliverability and spam testing tool, GlockApps helps you understand why your emails get blocked or arrive directly into the spam folder. With so many companies implementing email marketing, the email platforms have become more cunning and demanding in selecting the good emails from the trash ones. For this reason, any tools to help us get in a great friend of yours.

Moreover, it will allow you to discover different ways to fix this problem before sending your email to your subscribers and save you from a potential working crisis.

What differentiates GlockApps from other email spam checkers? This tool will expect you to send your message to various “seed” email addresses to analyse the spam score for your email content, the reputation of the email/domain you send from, authentication; and also real email placement across a multitude of ISPs. 

It’s highly recommended and important to send a test email from the same place you’ll send your campaign.


This tool will help you customise your own email to show the coolest and most professional side of your company. A tool to explore and reach the full potential of your creativity and help you to build limitless email campaigns.

Stripo is definitely a total success when it comes to exploiting the full potential of an email campaign, and a great ally for the character and personality of your brand.

What makes it special? This awesome tool offers two different types of editors, one is designed for marketers or anyone else with no design experience whatsoever; and the other one, an HTML code editor, made for email developers. Choose the right one for you and trigger your best email campaign. 

It brings us a plus! Stripo integrates with HubSpot to allow you to export your emails into the CRM without much effort.


This is a transactional email service that will allow you to send, receive and track emails using its powerful API. And as if this were not enough, it also allows you to monitor and optimise your emails to help you boost engagement rates. 

What makes it special? Mailgun offers you insights into analytics, you can see how Gmail, Yahoo and other providers handle your emails.


This is an email marketing tool taken beyond. A customer messaging platform which will allow you business to communicate with both your potential and your current customers through a widget that you can easily install on your website, app, or even social media. 

Moreover, Intercom also does wonders for your live customer service. Everything is managed by a Team Inbox, allowing customer support operatives to handle different discussions at the same time.

What makes it special? It empowers the in-app messages your clients see on your website and can also power up your help centre.


it’s an all-in-one email marketing tool that will help you create the most meaningful email marketing campaigns. 

With the help of its pre-designed email templates and drag & drop functionality; you will have the opportunity to draft professional emails and drive more sales. 

Moreover; you can manage and track multiple email campaigns in real-time to ensure that all your emails bring the desired results. 

What makes it special? You can develop an A/B testing emails which can include Images, personalised fonts, GIFs, and choose the one which garners the best outcomes.


More than an email marketing tool, ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based software with features for email marketing, lead scoring, web analytics, a CRM platform and a live chat messaging platform called Conversations. It will take your email marketing to the next level with its complete service to look after your customers while empowering full digital marketing strategy. 

What makes it special? ActiveCampaign distinguishes its software, called customer experience automation (CXA), from traditional email marketing by extending its services into customer support; a great ally to take your email marketing beyond emails.


A great tool to run multi-channel marketing campaigns which will empower your email marketing to grow your ecommerce brand. Drive more sales with no high skills needed.

What makes it special? Drip will target consumers with perfect precision. Do you want to email people who bought green shoes last month? No problem! Use Drip’s powerful segmentation to automatically target customers with content that’s super relevant and perfectly personalised.

Past, present and future of email marketing

Email marketing still will be one of your greatest allies for 2022 but make sure that you find the tools that will support you either for empowering your strengths or diminish your weaknesses.

Don't forget to define your email marketing purpose to make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to email marketing tools.

And finally, do not be afraid to evolve and implement new tools and practises.

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