What is Criteo and how it works, your ally for dynamic remarketing

What is Criteo and how does it work for online ads

If you are looking for one of the most reliable allies to improve your online advertising, the question to ask yourself today is what Criteo is and how it works. A sophisticated, state-of-the-art solution, it focuses on maximising the effectiveness of your online ads and campaigns.

Criteo has quickly gained prominence in the world of digital advertising due to its ability to deliver real results for businesses of all sizes.

We have developed a free guide to help you discover its strengths: download it now and discover how Criteo can significantly help optimise your online advertising strategy, bringing tangible results to your business!

How does Criteo work? The key points of the guide

In this guide we explain in a few crucial steps what this can mean for your online advertising: RichClicks is a Criteo partner agency, with ongoing access to the platform's most powerful features, including:

Data Collection: How Criteo collects data from advertisers' websites, including user behaviour.

Creating User Profiles: How Criteo creates user profiles based on collected data, including purchase preferences and behaviour.

Custom Targeting: How ads are customised based on specific targets and profiles.

Dynamic Retargeting: If a user views a product, Criteo shows related ads on other sites: How does it do this?

Learning: How Criteo uses machine learning to constantly improve ad campaigns.

Reporting and Analysis: What data does Criteo provide for performance analysis and strategy evaluation?

Access the content for free and discover why Criteo can really improve your marketing, right now: fill in the form below and download the free guide!

Why choose Criteo: download the free guide

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