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Buyer Personas

Developing Buyer Personas for your Marketing Strategy

The Purpose of Buyer Personas in Marketing

Buyer Personas are the foundation of any Inbound Marketing strategy and serve to outline the main characteristics of a businesses typical customer. In other words, buyer personas or customer personas, are a reflection of your user-type.

After defining your buyer personas, you can identify the expectations and motivations that drive online behaviour, allowing you to summarise and group the different needs and objectives of existing or potential customers, and develop an effective marketing strategy.

Identify different characters that, despite being fictitious, represent your ideal customers and highlight their main personality traits. This means that by differentiating each type of online customer persona you’ll better understand how to communicate with each one of them. For example, the tone of voice in written content will differ for students and for professionals with a high salary.

Buyer Personas are strictly based on real data. In terms of ROI, once you have defined an appropriate strategy for communicating with each of your customer types, you’ll foster a relationship of trust with customers, driving desired actions, whether it’s filling out a form, downloading an app or piece of content or making a purchase.

The Buyer Personas are therefore useful for understanding what a potential customer is looking for and how to best capture their attention, when proposing solutions to their problems.

Buyer Personas Rich Clicks (EN)How Buyer Personas Differ from Target Users

Targeting is outlining a public by analysis of quantitative data, which can provide useful statistics to define demographics, interests and behaviour.

Buyer Personas are also made up of this, however they go one step further and through surveys they explore user reactions and emotional relationships. For example, what are the needs of your buyer personas, what are their expectations and what motivates them to look for and choose your product.

So rather than just focusing on qualitative data, customer personas humanise the public and allow you to have a more detailed understanding of your main customers and their needs.

How to Define Buyer Personas

In order to define Buyer Personas once market research has been carried out, an understanding of marketing is important, in order to analyse data and accurately identify key elements to build profiles.

Data collection that allows you to design your Buyer Personas is with non-standard tools.

The Personas and Storytelling

If your brand has to tell a story, sending a clear brand message that will remain in the mind of potential or existing customers, Buyer Personas are your protagonists.

Storytelling is an effective tool for business strategy, where the hero (the customer, personified with a customer persona) has a goal to reach or a conflict that needs to be resolved and is faced with an obstacle, such as time or money. Your business to the rescue – you’ll be able to position your offering so that is helps the main character of the story reach their goal.

The stages of a Buyer Persona

Understanding that there are three stages in the buying process that every buyer persona has to go through before converting is important. The three stages are as follows:

• Awareness
• Consideration
• Decision

It’s also important to understand exactly where your Buyer Persona is in the buying process, whether they are in the awareness phase, consideration phase or whether they are ready to convert now. This should be worked into your Inbound Marketing strategy and will inform communication, such as tone of voice.

To find out more about Buyer Personas, or if you would like our team of specialists to define your Buyer Personas, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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