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Big Data, Innovation, Future: Biassa E-Commerce Immersion


Big Data, Innovation, Future: Biassa E-Commerce Immersion

RichClicks kicked off 2019 in the best way, participating at the Biassa E-commerce Immersion which took place in Milan.

Our founder and CEO, Simone Luciani, has been one of the honourable keynote speakers invited to a remarkable event in the e-commerce and digital innovation field.

So how did it go?

Biassa E-commerce Immersion


Simone Luciani (RichClicks – CEO)

Biassa E-commerce Immersion is a series of events which put together the most important players of the global e-commerce sector, creating a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge across Europe. The events provide the most recent updates in the digital world and, therefore, are an excellent opportunity for networking.

Biassa E-commerce events aim to analyse the e-commerce challenges and present the digital technology that can help companies to approach, face and solve such challenges.

An inspiring environment is offered to discuss common concerns and interests with the best local marketers, to construct together the most innovative paths. A real must for everyone eager to bring the innovation needed to improve their services and awareness.

Big Data & Customer Tracking   

Representing our team, Simone Luciani was in charge of sharing his knowledge on how big data reflect the impact of a brand today. And how anyone should start thinking of how taking the best out of them. A call to reflect about all the information and tracking that Big Data can provide to companies and how such information must be processed and interpreted to provide the most accurate and personalised relationships with customers and empower the visibility of products and services to real potential consumers.


The digital world is rapidly changing and e-commerce is not an exception. It is crucial for companies to understand how to work with all the Data that nowadays we can obtain from customer journeys and understand their real needs.

The individualisation and accuracy of the approach of every brand can absolutely make the difference in their results. Going in-depth on the topic’s insights, companies could understand how to deal with big data to develop their e-commerce for the best results.

Going in-depth through this research, companies could understand how to deal with big data to develop their e-commerce for the best results.


Simone Passacantilli (RichClicks – Head of Consultants)

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