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We are one of the best Google Agencies in the world

Best Google Agency in the world

We are one of the best Google Agencies in the world

Rich Clicks has been nominated by Google and will participate to Google Partners Accelerate 2017 event representing one of the best Google agencies in the UK and in the world.

Rich Clicks again among the best digital marketing agencies in the world

This year the group of agencies selected has been considerably narrowed down and Google has chosen only the best 100 digital marketing agencies to compete across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Rich Clicks has maintained its prestigious position and we are very proud of being part, once again, of such an influential and important venue for global digital marketing.

Our agency represents the Italian market (top4) as well as the UK market (top8).

Rich Clicks has been specifically selected to compete in the Display Innovation category.

This means that through the development and the managing of Display Network campaigns Rich Clicks strategy has proved to be always innovative, effective, and successful.

Rich Clicks performances have surely proved its proficiency and competence in the field.

Taking part Google Partners Accelerate 2017 is an unique opportunity

The event, which will take place the 7th of September in Dublin, is one of the most acclaimed venue, recognised worldwide. For an international agency like Rich Clicks, this will be an even greater opportunity for networking and professional growth.

Moreover, we will be present at the global event in New York, on the 28th of September, where the global winners will be announced.

Rich Clicks and Google: winning combination

“Foresight, innovation and dedication to deliver great digital marketing solutions”, are Google values and they perfectly reflect Rich Clicks attitude towards every step of their business and digital marketing strategies.

Rich Clicks works closely with the dedicated Google Team and this has allows a continuous and successful growth.

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