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Advent Calendar 1: a new logo, a new E-Commerce division


Advent Calendar 1: a new logo, a new E-Commerce division

Rich Clicks started in 2019 feeling on top of the digital world!

A new logo and a new payoff, a fresh and renewed image, to better represent the philosophy of our company and the spirit of our team.

The agency started a new path, renewing a claim that, however, has always belonged to its vision. A concept that distinguishes the way consultancy is understood in a special way: the human side, the human part of digital marketing. What does this mean? It’s the synthesis between human talent and creativity, it’s the best way to enhance the most innovative technology using the value of ideas. In a single concept are contained many of the characteristics for which RichClicks has always fought, a motto designed to achieve the results that we aim, in each project, through our true strengths.

With very solid concepts and values, our digital marketing agency has become the most active partner for our clients, and we have the confidence of knowing exactly how to create a tailored strategy to reach their goals. 

Moreover, our team started the year celebrating the growth of our agency, not only with new talents joining us but also with the opening of a new E-Commerce division. Through the new division, we will be entirely focused on helping clients succeed from the core of the E-Commerce basis to the most creative aspects of its development. A full covering and specialised service, which will offer the definitive support for business to stand out of the crowds is now part of our digital marketing agency. 

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