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Why Video Marketing Will Be Tomorrow’s Advertising Answer


Why Video Marketing Will Be Tomorrow’s Advertising Answer

Before the internet, videos used to be a fashionable and attractive feature for different industries, but it was something felt as so exclusive and expensive. Today, as technology has changed everything we knew, people’s attention to any form of static material has touched really poor lows, putting video content at the very core of the evolution. Let’s face it, pretty much every smartphone on the market is being used to play videos, to share videos, to shot videos. And even high-definition videos, which can easily work for professional aims. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are full of video content and advertising ideas used to gain a great spot out there. And, The American Marketing Association suggests, «by 2019 video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US».

So yes, video content is a reality that everyone in the marketing industry should start and learn to use, as video marketing will be tomorrow’s advertising answer.



In terms of awareness, video marketing is clearly one of the main benefits you could take. Indeed, online competition is growing faster than ever, as video content can be useful (yet also easy to produce) to describe your history, your values and your business’ attitude, while being able to interact with your audience. Moreover, no matter what your actual field is, you can use creative ideas for video marketing campaigns in every situation: to describe products, to launch new features, to communicate important news related to some areas of your business/office/chain. Once you’ll get your user familiar with this kind of interaction, you can move forward to the second step.


The opportunity is now to let your message grow and to secure more audience. Video marketing can make your brand develop a significant strategy, using the message you’ve already sent and making it valuable for the future. You can now start adding spokesperson to your promotion or create specific spots about your workers’ methods an beliefs. Also, invite old costumers to review your products and speak about their goods. At this point, new users will have a pretty decent framework of how your brand operates. Therefore, they can decide.


Product demos, vlogs or webinars, comparison videos that would explain why people should choose you instead of a competitor that would offer the same service: everything, now, should aim to finally impress your costumer’s heart. Once again, video marketing will serve as a concrete push to stimulate the audience, specially if not entirely convinced, that your firm works just better than their competitors.


If your video marketing strategy has been effective, don’t hesitate to apply it to the people that have just decided to reward you by jumping on your truck. Your future will definitely rely on how you will treat a costumer you’ve just secured: send them welcome videos that could describe once again their products or remark the possibilities they’ve just acquired by choosing you. You can guarantee yourself better reviews in the future, which will simultaneously raise your awareness, exposure and influence in the costumers. Basically, each of the steps taken into consideration up to this point.

Video marketing possibilities are really wide open. Creativity – and quality in using creativity – should be at the service of your actual and new clients.

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