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Tired of not provided keywords?

Tired of not provided keywords?

We know the answer. You are indeed! Especially if you take SEO and Digital Marketing seriously, and you endeavor to achieve the best results possible for your business through online marketing.

This is one of the reasons of why we decided to bring to you one of the most advanced Digital Marketing Platforms available on the market, Rich Dashboard ™.

With our tool, you will be able to track your SEO keywords analysing clicks, impressions, CTR and the landing page performance. Eventually, you will forget about that boring and annoying “not provided” in your keyword reports in Google Analytics!

Rich Dashboard™ is powered by the most complete and powerful technology, that enables you to:

  • Be a better marketer and control every aspect of your site and campaigns
  • Prove your and our results with detailed analysis
  • Perform website audits
  • Track your SEO rankings with daily updated data
  • Discover new long tail keywords, impossible to reach with standard tools
  • See what really generates profitable business
  • Sync all Google Analytics data
  • Monitor your brand reputation
  • Manage your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube)
  • Track and analyse your competitors
  • Track, analyse and manage your links

Rich Dashboard™ can do all this, and more!

Unfortunately, Rich Dashboardwill be available exclusively to our clients, as we think that with our expertise this tool can be even more powerful.

Interested in Rich Dashboard™ and Rich Clicks? Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

If you are already our client, you will be contacted by your dedicated consultant (if you aren’t already enjoying the powerful toy since we were in the Beta phase).

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