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The future of Google Search Result Pages

Google Search Results article

The future of Google Search Result Pages

Google has become one of the most powerful and relevant multinational technology company in the last 20 years, offering advanced products related to internet development which include software, hardware, cloud computing, advertising and search technologies. For this last area, the changes are increasing more and more, and the market will discover new ways for companies to be present and reachable for their audience from now on. Several changes that will determine the look of the results on Google search pages. Through this article, we will analyse such changes.

Increased consumer control:

The Google consumer control will offer the users the possibility to select the brands that they rather hear from. A new challenge for companies to be visible on Google Search and a new reason to focus extra attention on your buyer personas. For your business it is crucial to develop the best buyer persona research and define your target online, this is the only way to make sure that you are visible online and to the right people.

Multimedia Results:

We will see more images and videos in the results of our search. Google is integrating more features for its image recognition technology, and moreover, YouTube capabilities will have a stronger role in Google searches too. More images and videos as part of the search results mean that your business will have to make sure that provides multimedia content to attract the attention of your potential customers and creates engagement with the audience.

Keyword-less Search:

Google has managed to dispose of more data and more accurate about us, the searcher will be able to predict the searches of its users and even answer queries in advance. Companies have a big challenge in providing the facilities needed to adapt their presence in this new way of searching. Marketing strategies are apparently becoming more digital and more technical.

Voice Search:

The increase of popularity of Google Home and sophisticated hands-free devices are making stronger the habit of voice search in users, allowing the possibility to create innovative approaches to strengthen the connection between brands and customers, offering richer storytellings that users can engage from home to their cars and workplaces. A new digital marketing evolution to check on!  


Hyperlocal targeting is already providing opportunities to access online data which can connect us more precisely with the physical world around us. Such an advantage can help companies to drive their digital efforts to the market wished and also it can help the users to find the best option for their searches. Read more about Hyperlocal SEO here!


The data collected from past searches of users will shape more accurately the results shown in the future; moreover, the clicking preferences and content engagement will also help to define what we find in our searches. Now more than ever it is crucial to engage with the users through the best awareness and consideration digital marketing stages.

Augmented Reality:

Voice Search landscape will integrate Augmented reality to provide complete information to satisfy the searches of users, including aspects of their reality to connect them with their closest offers in the market. Such a feature can make the presence of your business even stronger if you start to include it in your strategies.

Faster Internet:

The spread of the Internet and the increase of its speed will drive brands to make sure that they develop a quick, user-friendly experience for their consumers, including mobile optimisation that allows the instant load of the information in such devices.

In conclusion, Google search result pages as we understand them today will belong to the past, and the new era is already here to support the users in their searches, providing more accurate information and much more vibrant in content to make more straightforward the process of selection of the content that everyone expects to find. Google is defined as a machine-learning company and companies must be ready to embrace a new digital revolution which is already here to change the world online. In the short term, the context will determine the form and the material that we find in our searches.

Is your business part of the new era?

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