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The art of transparency: your consumers’ data

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The art of transparency: your consumers’ data

In 2018 the GDPR policy arrived in the digital world to protect consumers online, to reinforce their privacy rights and ensure that companies manipulate their customer’s data with transparency. 

Since then, the concern and interest from customers about their data manipulation from companies has been unstoppably growing and, impacting the level of engagement and loyalty to brands. 

Studies reveal that companies with transparent and easy-to-understand information manage to retain over 90% of their consumers and, such a trend will only grow. 

For this reason, we want to share some tips to help you improve transparency and boost the level of trust in your brand.   

The art of transparency

  • Establish your business’ values: think of how you would love your company to be seen by customers and how you would love them to remember you. It will help to understand your business philosophy and what’s the best way to treat the data that you receive. 
  • Find goals further than just selling: your consumers will appreciate a high level of respect for their data and perceive that your company will protect them from the giant sharks.  
  • Let your consumers discover you: it feels great to get some valuable data from your customers, right?. Don’t forget that they will love to learn who they’re doing business with too. Just open the door and let them in as much as you can!
  • Keep in touch: as soon as you notice any concern, doubt or issue from consumers, give them the right feedback, and do it fast! Let them feel how much you care about them and their satisfaction with your product, don’t allow the communication to freeze up. 
  • Embrace feedback: Listen to what they have to tell you and let them be part of your growth. Take all the constructive reviews and respond friendly to them. Let consumers know that you’re willing to improve their satisfaction with your brand. 
  • Make customers part of your brand: consider strategies to create a community around your brand and let them be part of it. Remember that your product will be their product and the more that consumers get to know it, the better. 

Richclicks articleConclusion

If we analyse what trust means in human relationships, we cannot expect anything different in consumers’ behaviour online. The more that people trust your brand, the more that they will be willing to share personal data with you. For this reason, it is crucial to establish a clear and transparent data policy as well as the communication about it. 

Instead of thinking about data restrictions as an annoying obstacle, it would be great if your company understands them as a good start point to build a healthy relationship with consumers of your product which will last long term. 

Take advantage of the challenge to stand out of the crowds one more time!

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