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Rich Dashboard ™

Our innovative and highly effective tool for monitoring & analysing all digital marketing activities

Rich Dashboard™ – Dominate your Digital Marketing Data

Rich DashboardRich Dashboard is our innovative and powerful marketing tool
, exclusively available to our clients who want to analyse, track and monitor every digital marketing activity, easily and efficiently.

What does Rich Dashboard do?

  • Analyse your site and your competitors with Data from Moz, Majestic SEO, DataSift, Scribe, Alexa, Klout and more!
  • Sync and retrieve data from your own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Analytics, Adwords, Youtube and other accounts.
  • Track your SEO as you have never done before, with in-depth keyword ranking analysis, landing page evaluation and more.
  • Create easy to read PDF reports that we’ll send to you on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Track every digital marketing campaign, including DEM, PPC, Display and Social Media.

Going the Extra Mile

Rich Dashboard will also help you analyse keyword data, even if Google Analytics shows you “not provided” on all queries. Boost your SEO with in-depth data, such as long tail keywords, data on impressions, clicks, conversions and user engagement from organic searches. Analyse both Google and Bing data for a comprehensive analysis.

A Tool you can Trust

We strongly believe that Rich Dashboard is one of the most powerful and complete digital marketing tools available today!

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