Do you really own all of your personal data?

Do you really own all of your personal data?

Throughout the last decade every aspect of our lives has gone through a complete digital revolution. This revolution has meant a deeper and drastic change for companies and business worldwide which, from day to night, had to reinvent themselves in a new digital market scenario.
The digital era has brought uncountable changes, tremendously fast.
Although teams of market managers worldwide have put a great deal of effort in staying up to date, this has not been an easy task for everyone.
This is why relying on an affiliate digital marketing agency and their team of specialists is often the most convenient (and safe) choice.

However, from a company perspective, choosing the right alley to dive into the “digital future” is a crucial decision.
In fact, sharing responsibilities for the success and growth of your business can come across as risky: companies need to be sure 100% they can trust the digital marketing agency they choose.


But how do we build a strong and long lasting relationship between client and agency?


Through communication, honesty and transparency.
However, although there are various ways through which your affiliate agency can prove that to you, transparency seems not to always be a “mandatory choice” for many digital agencies.
On the contrary, some of these take advantage of lack of client access into their decisions, strategies or documents, in order to tie clients into ambiguous and obscure contracts.

The following cases are two of the most unlucky common episodes:


CASE 1: Your Agency does not give you your Adwords account access.

The example of Paid Advertising is a useful one to show how often digital agencies tend to neglect that trustworthy relationship with their clients.
In fact, in Paid Advertising there are two main budgets that come to play together: the budget you spend in actual campaigns and the budget invested into the supervisions of these campaigns by dedicated specialists. To add to that, there are many aspects to consider while developing the appropriate Adwords strategy: keywords bidding, continuous investments, changing objectives, revenues and several unpredictable circumstances.

However, how can you understand and control your investments if your agency does not give you the full access into the Adwords account?
Denying you the access you will not be able to understand completely the structure of your campaigns and the overall account strategy.
Several digital marketing agencies choose this approach and the client, kept in the dark, doesn’t ask himself the most important questions:


  • Who is the official owner of the account?
  • Where does my data end up when our collaboration ends?
  • If I wanted to hire a supervisor to manage some aspects of my Digital Marketing how would he access it in order to make sure all the campaigns are effectively optimised?

Why is your agency not giving you Adwords access?

To trust is good, but not to trust is better. If your digital consultant decides to cut you off completely from what is legitimately YOUR Adwords account (that could also be Facebook Business Manager o any other platform) you should ask yourself some questions.

In fact, you will not able to understand any of their decisions and won’t receive clear and accurate information about the performances of your campaigns.
Surely your agency will provide you with a monthly report, however reports are very easy to be automatically generated and it will still remain indecipherable if you have little knowledge in digital marketing.

Letting your agency be fully in control of your online PPC strategy is like jumping blindly in the dark: your agency asks for your complete trust but it does not make it a mutual effort.


CASE 2: Your Agency gives you the access, but through their own private Adwords account.


This scenario seems a little bit fairer, right?
Partly it is true, because the client now can witness directly every change applied by the consultants and he can supervise the general account performance.
However, if the agency uses its own Account there could be some other type of problems.
The client is now aware of what is happening but the entire job history will be owned by the agency. 

If your agency manage your Adwords campaign through their account, it literally means that at the end of your partnership contract ALL OF YOUR DATA will stay with them.
All of your precious investments will be lost and whenever you will decide to start with a new agency you will have to build EVERYTHING from scratch.


Protect your business: Demand transparency from your Digital Agency.

The most ethical choice is transparency, and it should always be a present component while  building a strong relationship with your affiliate agency.
This is also Rich Clicks philosophy: we build every project with clarity, commitment and ongoing communication to ensure our clients will make decisions they are sure of and will continuously feel empowered by our work.

Rich Clicks requirements of transparency:


  • We share everything with clients: we create shared folders on Google Drive and we work directly from there. Our clients can always see what we are up to.
  • Monthly detailed reports specifically created and tailored for each of our clients in order to analyse objectives, costs and results. Each document is unique; we don’t like copy and paste.
  • Our clients own their account 100%, on each platform ( Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, ecc. ) and will forever maintain their content ownership.
  • Continuous communication: with Rich Clicks your company is associated with only one digital consultant who will be in charge of working directly on your project beside you day by day. In fact, we believe in what we call “working intimacy” between consultant and client in order to develop a familiar sense of trust between the two parties. You can always ask and you will be given a clear and constructive answer to learn and grow together.
  • Simplicity. We are well aware that some business are not so familiar with digital marketing; isn’t it the reason why you contacted us originally, right?
    So we are very aware that it would be pointless to talk to clients in the “complex language” of digital marketers. Because of this all of our reports and documents speak the client’s language in order to make you understand EVERYTHING, with little effort.


Being a Google Premier Partner agency means that we have access to a lot of exceptional tools (and also recognised proficiency in using them) which are also free and completely accessible by users. There aren’t “secret” softwares or “hidden” methodologies, everything is accessible by our clients.


Example of communication between Agency-Client on such issues:

“We use our private Account because we must protect the agency information and secret strategies”

FALSE: When you work for a client on Adwords you only and exclusively share THEIR informations. Agency’s data doesn’t matter at all.


“Adwords is an extremely complex software, you wouldn’t be able to understand it”


FALSE: Surely if you don’t have a lot of experience with digital marketing, Adwords might come across as little complex. However, a good digital consultant must always be capable of explain it to you and answer every type of questions.

“We are Google Partners therefore we have private access to technical tools only we can work on”

FALSE FALSE FALSE: Google is extremely democratic when it comes to sharing opportunity between users. All Google online platforms aim at empowering the users and are free to access and manage.


In conclusion..


Some agencies think that cutting off their clients from their digital marketing activities is the most appropriate attitude. Is it, though?
Distrust agencies that don’t give you accesso to Adwords or only shares only partly through their privately owned account.
Keep your ownership 100%, choose transparency.


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