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A new era for Rich Clicks is here!

Rich Clicks presents the new logo

A new era for Rich Clicks is here!

Rich Clicks was born as inspiration to develop the online market and to bring the best opportunities for companies to integrate the digital revolution to their commercial prospects. Founded by Simone Luciani, who always felt a deep passion for the new technologies, digital evolution and marketing.

How was Rich Clicks born?

After five years working for this sector in e-Bay and, progressing in his career, he decided that it was time to offer his experience and his unique digital marketing philosophy to satisfy the needs and challenges that companies face every day through the digital market. This was the moment when he decided to start his own path and focus his career on developing digital marketing strategies for his client portfolio. However, we all know that life is even better when you have a pal to share it with. It was in 2012 when Simone Passacantilli and Simone Luciani met each other to discover that they had in common much more than just their name. Soon they started to work on a common project that could bring to marketing a new way to construct relationships and communication with clients as well as an exclusive marketing development workflow to ensure the success of companies that needed to empower their presence on the digital market. In this way, Rich Clicks was born in London the 16th of December 2013.

Based on a philosophy that includes a globalised view and embracement of the world, Rich Clicks wanted to create a space where an international team could enrich the human and intellectual resources of the company and therefore, the empowerment of our clients. Moreover, our team has grown to be the right link between businesses and the online market worldwide, providing a direct service with no middlemen and a personalised strategy for every particular case. Through all these years we have listened to our clients’ expectations and requirements to make sure that we grow as a company in the way that we can please the demands of the current market. “The Simones”, as we call our founders in the team, not only dreamt of including more members to Rich Clicks family, but also make our company be part of projects that our clients can be proud of. Thanks to such an ambitious idea, we can too feel proud as a company to be part of the Google Premier partners agencies, being one of the top 4 agencies for the Italian market and one of the top 100 agencies for the EMEA market. Besides, Rich Clicks family as also part of the 360 group in Italy, a group that was born to provide marketing and communication 360 degrees service and Dall Int., an international agency partnership to support each other and empower our help for clients across the European market.  

The future of Rich Clicks is NOW, and we are happy to share the joy of being ready for it! Our agency is a non-rest project which today wants to present a new image to celebrate all the steps taken till now and especially the exciting future that is already here. A fresh face to celebrate the empowerment of our presence in the market, the gratitude for having the best support from our partners and the joy of feeling such a passion for our work, delivering the best results for our clients.  

Meet our new Logo

Keeping the Rich Clicks essence with our characteristic orange colour, Rich Clicks arrow has evolved to open itself and include another one which expresses the links built during these years between our company and the evolution of the digital market. Inspired by the flow of digital activities and the versatility found online, we wanted to recreate the numerous of opportunities that digital market has been offering for our clients and the speed of the online revolution. Moreover, we are expressing the growth of our team and our digital family, including all our partnerships. In this way, we are more than ready to embrace the future but without forgetting our roots and values as a company.  

Rich Clicks new logo

Our new logo