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How to create a better website: the Web Credibility rules

How to create a better website: the Web Credibility rules

Your online website must always be credible in order to gain business. When creating a website, few rules need to be taking into account in order to enhance your trust score, the sectors where you are operating, the customer you are addressing to and what are the strategic features that could influence the quality and responsiveness of your audience. What contributes to this primarily relies on easy to access website, usefulness and content pertinence. Also, as in real life the first impression does count, it is then vital to have marketing knowledge of your audience and focus on the essentials with a clear web design. Additionally, the pertinence of the landing pages, the reactivity and effectiveness of your clicking-time ratio are sinergically working towards a perception of trustworthiness and credibility in your audience. Your website is your portrayal of your brand image, identity, and reputation so work on it!

What exactly is a Web Credibility?

A recent study from Stanford University – made by their Persuasive Technology Lab – outlines the importance of an optimised website, and provides few guidelines to follow, helping you to improve the so-called Web Credibility. Indeed, with the expansion of the digital world and the website affluence that came with it – it has created a gigantic afflux of website and have allowed fake or unworthy website to prosper, engendering reticent customer. Hence, the importance of a credible website. Scholars from social science, web-design and technology have analysed and found out about what are the motivations and tactics which influence the users most. The main point is that with the right techniques you can convert to value, any models or project – hence the legitimate view of marketing digital being at the core of the online business.

What are the criteria of the Web Credibility?

Your website’s design will be your first contact with the audience and your main opportunity to grasp your customer; indeed it has been shown that people tend to evaluate a site mostly by its visual design. Although there is not a template to follow for every websites as it depends on the offer you are proposing; it is advised to whichever website you are displaying to always have a professional aspect. Your website should clearly states your offer and your business activity, in an appropriate layout since your web design is an integral part of your site identity and purpose. It is hence essential to structure a pertinent and matching content to fit your ambitions.

Profile and Contact

A physical address, a phone number or a picture of your office or organisation will make your brand appear more tangible as well as show that you are a legitimate company. Therefore, you will drive the consumer to trust you and listen to your offer. Your online profile is an identity card, which reassures the consumer about your authenticity and make them more disposed to trust it.


Positive feedbacks and testimonials will always better your brand image, and can greatly influence your audience. Not only it will specify to your audience what your service is about, but it will also clearly emphasis on your assets and strengths which can curb your consumers’ apprehension. Also, if you’re on the e-commerce world, it is really recommended to empower as well as encourage people’s reviews.


Whatever your objective is, you should always demonstrate your expertise. Do you have experts with you? Are your contributors or service providers authorities?  Are you affiliated with a respected organisation? Always give credentials to them, and state it clearly as it can greatly influence the consumers’ impressions. Conversely, don’t link to outside sites that are not credible. Your site will subsequently becomes less credible.

Easy navigation

Your website should not take more that 5 seconds to upload, otherwise you risk losing potential clients. It is very important to have high velocity while staying simple and easy to use.

Relevance of the content

You should always keep your website simple, easy to use with a clear definition of what you are offering. On the same side you should update your content as often as possible while being sure that your site is running accurately, and to check the eventual spelling mistakes that can be very detrimental to your credibility. In this light, a blog can be very useful to drive traffic, but also creating a bond and an engaging content that relate to your business.


You should always keep your website running with updates, blog posts, and answer to comments. This is one of the best way to enhancing your credibility in users and implementing your offer through engaging and interesting content. It is a dynamic way to frequently engage with your audience which can reap quickly many benefits.

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