E-commerce Marketing to the next level thanks to Kooomo and Rich Clicks

logo kooomo ecommerce platformAre you looking for a strategic partner to manage every marketing aspect of your E-commerce project?

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Kooomo we are able to offer a full and complete E-Marketing consultancy. Starting with Kooomo, the digital cloud commerce platform, up to the creation of successful Digital Marketing strategies, we have now an ever broader professional approach.
Kooomo technology and Rich Clicks E-commerce is the winning combination.
This strategic alliance between Rich Clicks and Kooomo deeply empower our professional and business approach, allowing us to reach every aspect of an effective strategy. This include the setup of the structural platform for the online shop, every feature of E-commerce marketing action plans and all SEO practices in order to promote and generate conversions.
To add to that, a strong partnership between development and marketing agencies, based on communication and cooperation, strongly facilitates every step of an E-commerce strategy and avoid the unproductive passing of bulk between separate parties.

The right platform to innovate e-commerce and at the same time make it easier and faster.

Koomo is a cloud e-commerce platform aimed at managing your websites in a fast and easy way and, with its great flexibility, offers users an omnichannel shopping experience turning complexity into commercial success.
For us, the great advantage of working with this dynamic platform relies on the possibility to set up and manage productive e-commerce for any type of business. In fact, Kooomo flexibility and its scalable structure enable us to satisfy the needs of all type of agencies, whether it is a big or small enterprise.
Kooomo is continually upgraded with innovative and new modern features, always optimized with the latest updates and, thanks to its flexible structure, it allows to implement high functionality and proficiency for considerably less effort, costs and time.
Proud of its Italian heritage, Kooomo has offices all around the World including countries such as UK, US and Ireland. This, especially, match our ever-growing ambitions in the international digital market.

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