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E-Commerce for Retail: our digital retail dedicated soul

A full-service e-commerce division for any type of online business

RichClicks Ecommerce

Why does a digital marketing agency decide to create a specialised division for e-commerce consulting? We honestly asked it ourselves so many times.

The answer has always been the same: we cannot approach the e-commerce world in the same way that we approach other online projects. There are different visions, objectives, tools, paths, strategies between the two attitudes that sometimes cross, run close to each other, but are never really the same thing.

Our e-commerce services are designed to get the most out of businesses and channels of different backgrounds, use, target audience. With the help of the most innovative data driven strategies, the consultants will help you calibrate the winning e-commerce strategies for your brand.


Let us explain.

But first, tell us more about you. Tell us the story of your brand.

Our Philosophy

RichClicks’ E-Commerce for Retail division is a concept dedicated exclusively to shape digital strategy and full-service solutions for online retailers who own an eCommerce website or online shop of any kind. Which brings knowledge, verticality and techniques of a digital marketing agency with the aptitude and the experience gained with years of experience working with important clients of the e-commerce sector.

Our philosophy embraces the omni-channel by introducing advanced tracking metrics, which do not stop at the mere calculation of online sales but also measure the impact that online campaigns really have out there, on the offline world.

For example, how many people visited your physical store after clicking on an online ad, visited one of your online stores or ecommerce platform.

We always have a Full Channel approach, because we believe it is essential that you stay in touch with your audience. We identify ourselves with the final consumer to study it from the inside, to understand how to reach it in the various stages of its buying moments. The so-called micro-moments of buying are the subject of constant study for us.

In other words, we are the right agency for the customer you are trying to reach.

Experience in The Field

Do you have an e-commerce platform that doesn’t bring any of the desired results? Have you invested time and money in an e-commerce platform that doesn’t work as it should and penalises your finances with maintenance and upgrade costs? Are you not entirely convinced by the solutions that are being proposed to you?

Our team is dedicated to international customers, who are already marking the future of digital marketing for ecommerce businesses. Our consultants define the digital marketing strategy through method, technology and market objectives, maintaining a constant human relationship. Because we know how important is to keep the most fluid communication with a business partner.

Over the years we have implemented omni-channel strategies and projects thanks to innovative and completely in Cloud solutions, connecting online channels with offline experiences. Because we are sure about the winning factor: the constant combination of analysis from these two worlds.

If you think digital transformation and online retail can expand your message globally, RichClicks is the e-commerce agency you’re looking for.

Our Services

How do we put our vision into practice?

Through the most functional techniques to maximise the value of each e-commerce brand, regardless of its style and its prerogative, increasing performance with obsessive care.

Thanks to years of experience in ecommerce marketing, we learned and got our hands dirty. Also, when it’s been useful, experimenting with new solutions.

If that seems just something made up to sound impressive, test us

We define the strategy for your digital e-commerce, helping you choose the investment plan and working together in the most profitable alignment for a successful business plan, whether it is an e-commerce website or an online shop.

We create the Front End Design of your E-commerce with the utmost attention to usability, to reach the exact target your business is looking for: design and development always aimed to results.

What kind of e-commerce platform is the one for you? We assure you the right path by providing consultancy that combines technology and experience, from website design to the user experience, from innovation to effectiveness.

We are specialised in international digital marketing for e-commerce, CRO and performance marketing: from the world of web analytics to digital PR and social media, we always look for the quality of performance in every project we take on.

The future of your e-commerce brand starts with the choice you are making today. Do you want to bring it to the human side? Start writing it with us.

Do you want to be inspired by a project that breathes the international character of a great European capital like London? Are you looking for a leading ecommerce agency in Milan?

London and Milan: Our Two Souls

Our agency is on the banks of the Thames, in the heart of London, just a few steps from London Bridge, and in contact with digital agencies from all over the world. And as well in the Milanese metropolis, the heart of the Italian web marketing.

Two cosmopolitan souls that breathe the perfect digital atmosphere of the future.

We didn’t forget our good habits, though. We still make large stocks of espresso and we always appreciate a good plate of pasta!

  • Business is digital but relationships are human. That's why we chose RichClicks, an experienced team to be entrusted with the support in managing our Google Ads account.
    Daniele Raina, Marketing Manager
    SAE Institute
  • La Sportiva
  • We needed a tailored service as it is in the DNA of our brand, we found in RichClicks attention to detail that increased the value of our brand.
    Simone Maggi, CEO