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Digital marketing training: TONI&GUY digital acceleration.

Rich Clicks training - Toni&Guy.

Digital marketing training: TONI&GUY digital acceleration.

This week Rich Clicks was honoured to conduct a training course specialised in digital marketing features for the internal marketing team of Toni&Guy, one of the most remarkable companies in the market of hairdresser and hair care worldwide. We dedicated a full day to teach and explain the team everything about what our digital marketing approach will do for Toni&Guy and how they can rely on our help to empower the online presence of such a prestigious company starting from the local market of every single salon. We all together expose the importance of leading the online market to deliver the best experience for their clients in any of the salons across Italy, which is the market that our strategies will focus on.

We had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the internal team to create the best workflow between Rich Clicks and Toni&Guy and deliver the digital marketing strategy which will make the change that we all expect from the digital acceleration. We genuinely believe in ‘work together’ philosophy and provide the most substantial support for all our clients to feel aware, confident and part of the development of our projects. Thanks to this opportunity we could present our digital marketing agency to the rest of the team, the internal members who will work in cooperation with us. A great moment to talk about the settled goals for 2018 and the different strategies and activities that we will develop to reach them, from the internal digitisation of the company to reinforce their links with customers through our Rich Automation service to their entire online presence to optimise the position of the brand in the digital market.

Moreover, we taught the most important digital features such as Google My Business and Facebook campaigns and explained what would be the best way to develop tailored strategies which will make us succeed in our purposes. Toni&Guy team could understand how we will grow projects locally for their direct market and, focus on all the phases of digital marketing development, including awareness, consideration and decision campaigns; as well as the importance of defining their Buyer Personas and how that will help us to deliver the most effective strategies for every need and interest. To finalise the training, our experts presented all the digital tools that can help the team to be directly involved in the project and the optimal way to apply them in daily tasks. All the doubts had the chance to be solved, and all the staff members had the opportunity to discuss further curiosities and interests related to digital marketing in general terms.

To sum up, this training experience has helped both Toni&Guy and Rich Clicks to grow as companies which expect and work to offer unique services, always based on the joy of innovation. The world is continuously changing, and we can see its maximum exponent through the digital market. For this reason, it is always a pleasure to find companies willing to innovate and create new customers experience which forms part of our modern world. As a digital marketing agency, we could not be happier to contribute in the construction of a new understanding of the global market and empower companies which, as well as us, always look for the way to provide the highest level of competitiveness and performance. For our team is an honour to share digital marketing passion with the internal team of companies who embrace the new technologies and face the future with optimism as it has been the case of Toni&Guy.

“ It was a pleasure to be able to share strategic and tactical knowledge with the amazing team of Toni&Guy. I have felt that every single person in the room was totally engaged and more importantly passionate about what they were learning. It’s not easy to assimilate so much content in a day of training, but with passion, everything is easier. I can’t wait to see the results of the training in our daily working life. Ambitions for Toni&Guy are important, and I strongly believe that now we have a good toolkit of digital strategies to achieve those goals.”

Simone Luciani. 

Rich Clicks Director & Founder.

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