Is SEO consultancy still (that) important?

In the vast world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always occupied a prominent position.

However, with the constant evolution of search engine algorithms and changing digital trends, the question arises: "Is SEO still important for online businesses?"

In this article, we will explore the importance of SEO for online businesses, taking into account the new perspectives emerging from industry experts.

The importance of SEO: a look at the evolution

SEO is a set of strategies and techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It has long been considered one of the fundamental pillars of digital marketing, and its importance has by no means diminished.

Here are some reasons, in brief, why SEO continues to be crucial for the marketing and positioning of an online business:

1. Does SEO really increase online visibility?

The first page of Google search results is where most users focus their attention. Investing in SEO allows you to rank high in these results, increasing the visibility of your online business and attracting more organic traffic.

2. Why SEO increases quality traffic

SEO aims to reach a targeted audience interested in your products or services. This means that the traffic generated by SEO is usually of high quality, composed of people who have a real interest in your industry or offer.

3. SEO for credibility and trust

Being well positioned in search results gives an impression of trustworthiness to potential customers. Users tend to trust websites that appear at the top of the search, which can lead to higher conversion and customer loyalty.

4. SEO and online competition

Online competition is fierce, and SEO is a crucial tool for keeping up with competitors. If your competitors invest in SEO and you do not, you risk losing market share and business opportunities.

What the advice of an SEO expert can (still) do

In today's ever-changing digital landscape, there are three key pillars that play a crucial role in improving online visibility and success: SEO consulting, SEO agencies, and SEO experts.

SEO consultancy focuses on targeted advice, identifying keywords and optimisation strategies. This is what an SEO agency can offer you, conveying a comprehensive service covering every aspect of this strategy, from market research to the implementation of SEO strategies for marketing a brand.

SEO experts, on the other hand, are those within the agency who take on the role of user guides, from the more technical to the more high-profile sides, and provide customised advice and support to refine the online presence of a website.

Each of these 'compartments' is communicating, albeit with unique roles in search engine optimisation. Let's say they have a different but complementary approach to improving a website's fortunes in the digital ocean.

In what ways could we distinguish them?

SEO consultancy: what does it consist of?

SEO consulting by an expert is like having a treasure map to improve the online visibility of your website.

These experts will unearth the right keywords, suggest how to make your content more attractive to search engines and help you build a strong network of links. They will also give you advice on how to improve the technical structure of your website to make it shine in search results.

SEO Agency: processes and structure

An SEO agency is like a team of experts dedicated to your online presence. These professionals go far beyond simple consultancy.

Within the agency, there is a team of specialists with different skills, ranging from keyword research to the creation of high-quality content and management of online advertising campaigns. Their work covers a broad spectrum, ranging from analysing competitors to designing long-term strategies. This holistic approach will help you achieve tangible results without having to worry too much about technical details.

What to ask an agency SEO expert

An SEO expert is like a trusted consultant, a partner who knows the intricacies of the web inside out and has the expertise to make your site stand out on Google. These professionals are digital investigators who identify technical problems that can hinder your online visibility.

They provide practical advice and strategies on how to improve your content and establish links with other websites, support in SEO migration of a website. SEO experts are instrumental in climbing the search engine rankings and achieving greater online visibility.

SEO and the future: experts' perspectives

Various analyses provided by industry experts over the past few years show that SEO is still one of the most effective online marketing strategies, with a focus on on-page optimisation, keyword research, creating high-quality content and monitoring key metrics.

Furthermore, 2023 saw an increase in the importance of online visibility, making SEO even more critical to the success of online businesses. Online visibility is now a necessity, and SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Looking to the future, SEO will continue to be a key pillar of digital marketing, evolving to become more user experience-centric and considering emerging trends such as voice searches, artificial intelligence and mobile optimisation.

In summary, getting SEO right is still a vital component for online businesses, both to increase visibility and attract qualified traffic and build credibility. As it once was, but even more so.

Investing in SEO and keyword-by-keyword optimisation is a smart move for any online business aiming for success in the competitive digital landscape. The outlook confirms that SEO remains a key marketing strategy in the coming years.

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