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Why an effective marketing strategy cannot exist without Buyer Personas

Why an effective marketing strategy cannot exist without Buyer Personas

Before discussing why an effective online strategy cannot have amazing outcomes without Buyer Personas, we first need to generally approach some other marketing concepts.

Let’s start from the basis:

Inbound Marketing is solely based on a main concept, the user. Consequently, every aspects of it is based on providing nicely tailored content that specific users are looking for. In a sort of way, Inbound Marketing is like building a solid friendship, a digital intimacy between clients and brand, which generate trust, loyalty and ultimately commitment.
Creating a long lasting strong relationship with users is not a matter of luck but hard work and detailed analysis. In fact, if you think about it, you would never be able to build a strong friendship without understanding exactly how your friend feels, thinks or behaves.
If we apply this concept on digital marketing we understand that developing a correct definition of your buyer personas is necessary for a successful and productive relationship.
Because in Inbound Marketing, the main goal is not to fight for all the potential customers: instead, you fight to work everyday to strengthen the relationship with specific customers and learn more about them every day.

Knowing your ideal customer is crucial!

However, considering how fast and unpredictable clients habits are these days, how marketing agencies keep up might sound like a mystery and can also feel overwhelming.
That is why buyer personas are fundamental: They provide an insight into customers behaviours from which we can continuously learn more.
Good marketers need to know who buyers are, what they like, dislike and everyday situation and tasks they face because decision making for future business strategy can only be successful if you dedicate time and effort looking after the need of your ideal clients.

Personas are the starting point,” says Michael Hinshaw, president of MCorpCX “because a journey map is the story of a customer’s’ experience – it explains what happens along the way, to whom, and how it happens –you need to know who is taking the journey to tell the story.”

As we agree, this is why the development of a good Buyer’s Journey is very important for digital consultants. 

What is a Buyer’s Journey

For marketers, the buyer’s Journey serve the purpose of understanding the process users go through when they choose, buy, or are interested by a product/service. Knowing from the inside-out your buyer personas journey can guarantee you a deeper understanding of each of the main steps they undertake in the buying process, consequently constructing a framework that will benefit your strategy.
In developing the awareness stage, you will deepen your knowledge of consumers experience with problems or opportunities they are facing before they even start considering the idea of a purchase, with main purpose to educate them on all the possible solutions.
Consideration stage will give you the opportunity to create a tailored lists of solutions, to narrow the right answers to solve these problems they face or to invite them to choose the most appropriate results between the options.
Consequently the final decision stage helps the client make a worthy final decision, because you have already clearly understood their problems and their options.

IN CONCLUSION..Why are customer personas important?

The quality of a digital agency performances can be improved significantly by having detailed buyer personas and journeys. Everyone in the team can benefit from it precisely because the client is in charge of every aspect of the buying-product process so knowing him deeper will automatically strengthen every step of your strategy, from advertising design, keyword research, website layout, enabling your team to create a successful strategy with the right objectives. 

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