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Black Friday tips: 3 Important Things to Get the Most out of It


Black Friday tips: 3 Important Things to Get the Most out of It

We’ve enjoyed Halloween, but it’s time for the Thanksgiving week already. Which means – sincere you’re here – you’d probably wanna read some Black Friday tips that we suggest our clients in order to make it bulletproof.


First of all, what is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving. Which also marks the start to the holiday shopping season for consumers. Retailers have a golden opportunity to promote their stores by marking down prices and create engagement that could last through the whole holiday season. Cyber Monday, which comes three days later, is essentially the same type of event falling on the Monday after Black Friday. Since customers spend a lot of time doing accurate researches for their Black Friday shop, battle the competition has increasingly become a tough job.

What does it mean for digital marketing? That you’re probably wanna improve something to get there safe.

Find out 3 important Black Friday tips to get the most out of it.

A mobile-friendly website

70% of the online sales are currently made on mobile and e-commerce is predicted to see a double-digit growth this year. Do an audit – there’s a lot of tools you can use for it – and make sure everything works just fine. Check your shopping cards, do tons of simulations with different mobile phones. Test. SEO – as usual – is an important part of your campaign.

Is everything running smoothly?

Start from the basics: make sure your host and server are in good shape (they could shut down since the traffic is really high). You probably don’t wanna be caught out with a slow responding website. Nothing worse for a consumer than hitting a page that won’t load. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds and if it’s taking more, users are likely to bounce from your site and go to another for their Black Friday offers.

When going to your hosting provider, make sure there are systems in place to cope for a heavy load in traffic, this will ensure load balancers to distribute the traffic evenly if you’re expecting a large surge in traffic. Also, make sure your domain is not gonna expire during the weekend. You never know.

Branded keywords

It will be the weekend when advertisers will be spending a lot more than the usual. So make sure to buy your keywords. A 100% impression share is quite impossible to reach on Google ADs, with the exception of your branded keywords. Check if their impression share is correct and act fast: don’t let competitors do so if you’re planning to have everything set.

Black Friday weekend is the right time to attract customers.

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