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Bespoke Colour: C.P. Company’s New Exciting Project

C.P. Company

Bespoke Colour: C.P. Company’s New Exciting Project

In the early 1970s, C.P. Company innovated the garment dyeing technique, making the brand one step ahead into the future of apparel. Fast-forward to the present, it has just launched a new, exclusive and as much revolutionary, project: Bespoke Colour, «the latest chapter in the story of garment dyeing».

Thanks to the vast, accumulated know-how, the company founded by Massimo Osti has now more than 40 years of experience in the field. The Italian fashion house has become through the history a proper brand laboratory that conducts research and design with passion and boundless curiosity, which led the new experiments, combinations, possibilities.

And yet it has never stopped innovating, as it’s now able to offer a custom-made dyeing service, the first brand ever to do something similar for a product or service in the industry.

The Bespoke Colour launch

The Bespoke Color project creates a deeply artisanal process tailored to meet the desires of every kind of customer and follower of the brand, with a colour match for all kinds of demand. A hand-crafted process that wants to watch ahead of the times.

RichClicks is proud to work on the video advertising strategy that aims to push such a unique feature to a wide audience: video content that matches the brand’s voice and spreads the voice towards new exciting goals.

The brand’s most iconic pieces – the heavy fleece Goggle hoody, the Quartz Goggle Jacket and the different type of Sweatshirts – can be customised with a dedicated colour tailor, that will assist the customer throughout the whole personalization process.

The evolution embraces fashion, sportswear and casual apparel running towards a path that just doesn’t want to stay still but goes forward to discover new surprising edges.

A video advertising strategy that can strike

The digital video advertising we structured seeks to expand its purpose way beyond a classic target audience approach, just as the exclusivity of such a stylish collection: the customer enters a world full of limitless possibilities, colours, creation.

All the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour pieces, in fact, have a distinctive, unique, colour coded label and special edition chromatic lenses. It’s safe to say working on video ads and a video marketing campaign for such a sophisticated content is a challenge we welcomed straight away.

The project represents a real tribute to the origins of the company, as the brand has been a pioneer of the garment dyeing.

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