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The importance of backlinks for SEO

The importance of backlinks for SEO

In order to understand the importance of backlinks in SEO, we need to start from the beginning by understanding why we do outreach activities.

What is Outreach Marketing?

The aim of outreach marketing is to focus on a philosophy based on a human to human connection, instead of just marketing. By trying to get people to talk about your brand through word of mouth (WOM), in this case via the internet.

Outreach marketing is all about reaching out to the right people at the right time to help you tell your brand’s story. This can include people that have a large social media presence: this will help you to reach a bigger audience much quicker. Or, on the other hand, it could be a satisfied customer who takes it upon themselves to tell everyone how much they love your product.

Why should we do outreach marketing?

Outreach helps you to get the right niche of people to talk about your business, which will ultimately impact on your product or service and conclusively translate into a consumer purchasing behaviour.
If you want consumers to know about your brand you need to use influencers which can be anyone from celebrities to bloggers.
Although 86% of influencers have a blog and 88% of influencers say they blog for themselves. 

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

The best way is to get influencers and bloggers to talk about your products or services, but how to choose who is going to help you? obviously one of the most common things will be to look at how many followers they have on social media platforms. One of the other metrics that are important to look at is the domain authority (DA). This metric is a statistical measure which is used to find out the reputation of a particular website. It is a statistical number from 0 – 100 which was developed by Moz in order to determine how a domain ranks in Google search engine results.

Consequently, if your website shows a high DA it will rank higher on Google: that’s why it is critical to find a way to increase this metric. The best way to implement this is to ensure you get backlinks from another website. Backlinks are links from external websites pointing to your website.

How to get Backlinks?

Backlinks can be categorised by relevancy, authority, followers and many other factors, a Dofollow link as the name suggests is a link that the search engine follows. It passes a link value and helps in achieving a good DA and rank higher on a search engine result page.
Therefore it is necessary to know your website DA but also analyse this metric when doing outreach. This activity will help your DA and more dofollow links the website gains the higher the DA will be.
This is why working with influencers is critical as they can not only help you to promote your product by talking about it, but by including a dofollow link they can help your website gain a better DA and rank higher on a search engine.

Difference between Dofollow and Nofollow Links

A Nofollow link as the name suggests is a link that does not add any value to or help with your website’s ranking. Nevertheless, a Nofollow link is not followed by the engine but can be followed by a human so it can help gain visitors.
However, a Nofollow link is not always necessarily a bad thing, as many backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Linkedin, etc. are Nofollow but still valuable. Having too many DoFollow links can sometimes be penalised by Google so it is important to have a good ratio of both. Another difference is that Dofollow links are counted as trusted sources while Nofollow links are counted as non-trusted sources.

In conclusion, the best way is to focus on Dofollow links whilst still maintaining a small number of Nofollow links from high authority websites as these will still generate visits. Websites with a low domain authority should be dismissed altogether for Nofollow as they will not add any value or sufficient visits to be worthwhile.

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