Virtual Influencers for Digital Marketing

Virtual Influencer for Digital Marketing

Virtual Influencers for Digital Marketing: download our free infographic

How do you get a virtual influencer to work for your brand?

What targets, profiles and types of campaigns could a brand realise through the use of a Virtual Influencer?

And what are the differences between a virtual influencer and a real one for an influencer marketing strategy?

Find out these and many more details by downloading our FREE infographic: a comprehensive guide to everything you should know.

Virtual Influencers: are we in the future of Influencer Marketing?

Created through the use of CGI technology, Virtual Influencers are influencers 2.0, existing only online or in virtual reality.

Their popularity may soon become a factor in the worlds of augmented reality, gaming and fashion, thanks to humanised graphics, personalities and artificial intelligence capable of replicating real people.

Some of the richest international brands have already tried their hand at this market, whether for big advertising campaigns or revolutionary marketing strategies: find out more in our infographic!

Download our free Infographic!

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