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An award winning team.

Rar Digital Awards 2016

An award winning team.

This post isn’t about the European Cup, which Italy will of course win, beating England in a tight final. This article is about passion for Digital.
After being the agency with the most nominations at the RAR Digital Awards, on Thursday evening Rich Clicks was awarded with what we consider the most important awards: Digital Strategy and Effectiveness. This makes us the holder of 4 Awards in 2 and a half years of business.
I have to thank all our clients that voted for us and got us up on that incredible stage.

But this is not a the news, as we wrote about it already, celebrating like crazy!

The news is that I have to thank each one of my team members at Rich Clicks. If today we are one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies around, it is thanks to the people that have transformed our client’s projects into success stories. Our Digital Marketing Consultants are the engine of the agency.

When I decided to start Rich Clicks less than three years ago, most of my friends thought I was mad. Being a freelance was nice. I earned well, I could have worked from anywhere, I was totally independent. Being an entrepreneur is a lot different. You earn peanuts re-investing everything (and more than everything) for the first 5 years, risking much more and everything is just harder. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will know what I’m talking about.
But building a team like we have at Rich Clicks today, makes your heart beat stronger every day, and this repays all your efforts.
Luckily I found Simone early on my path, the business partner that any person would want, which made everything a bit easier. Apart from the fact that we have the same name which generates a lot of confusion .

I was even luckier to find incredible people that wanted to follow “my” dream, that soon became “our” dream. Each person that worked and works today for Rich Clicks is contributing to this dream.

Working for a start-up isn’t easy, especially if the start-up you are working for is self-financed like ours. It’s incredible to see the passion for Digital Marketing that each team member in Rich Clicks has. Despite this, I only see passion and dedication from everyone, and the results speak for them.

Thank you guys, from the deepest of my heart.

Now let’s go and create some more success stories!

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