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Expert consultants who follow the best SEO practices, your digital landscape will be optimised to improve your organic visibility

The Sky is the Limit. Get to the top and stay there!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hugely competitive, however our consultants are skilled and trained consistently, so that your business can stay ahead of the game on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We will improve your search ranking helping you to get to the top and more importantly, stay at the top!

Our SEO Approach

Working with Rich Clicks will benefit you with an expert and very skilled SEO Consultant that will design your SEO strategy and action it step by step, using the expertise of other skilled team members.

Our SEO approach is based on the following key delivery areas:

Auditing,  Strategy and Mapping

Your assigned consultant will deliver a full SEO Audit that will highlight every issue that can reduce visibility to any of your digital channels (website, videos, images, social presence), including a report on authority and competitor analysis.

Your consultant will then perform a detailed research analysing Google searches, conversations and links through a sophisticated tool, tracking your brand and topic on the web for 2 weeks. This phase is very important in order to learn how your target audience searches your product / service.

Technical SEO

Your assigned consultant will work directly on your site to make it SEO compliant. We are able to work side by side with your web agency / developer in order to fix all possible SEO issues on the site. Furthermore, they will deliver detailed technical documents and offer ongoing technical support.

Content Marketing

We will guide your copywriter (or wherever needed we have an internal copywriter available in English, Italian, French and Spanish) with a Content Marketing Plan, optimising the website and planning new content according to the SEO strategy.

Authority Building

Your assigned consultant will work on a monthly action plan designed to enhance the authority of your content both on-site and across the internet, considering social media, blogs, online newspapers and specialised sites.

Inbound Marketing

We will implement an inbound marketing strategy focusing on key buyer personas. We will create these personas based on different segments of your target audience, and target them accordingly.

To find out how to get to the top, get in touch. Our friendly team are a phone call away!
  • Business is digital but relationships are human. That's why we chose RichClicks, an experienced team to be entrusted with the support in managing our Google Ads account.
    Daniele Raina, Marketing Manager
    SAE Institute
  • La Sportiva
  • We needed a tailored service as it is in the DNA of our brand, we found in RichClicks attention to detail that increased the value of our brand.
    Simone Maggi, CEO