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We help no-profits with Google Advertising Grants.

Are you a no profit?

We specialise in the management of advertising for non-profit organisations, offered by Google.
Google Ad Grants is the programme that empowers non-profit organisations donating them $ 10.000 each month to manage their online advertising on Google.

Indeed, Google allocates $ 100.000 a year to help non-lucrative businesses captivate their audience through free advertising on its search network.

Non-profit organisations will have the possibility to gain greater visibility and brand awareness and get in contact with customers who might be interested in interacting with the organisation.

Do not lose your chance in letting your audience know about your missions and events on the Google’s results page. Make the most of this programme and be part of it, get in touch with us by filling in the form on the right!

In order to utilise Google Ad Grants you must meet the following parameters:

  • The daily maximum budget is $ 329, which is $ 10.000 per month.
  • Only appear on Google’s search result pages.
  • The maximum CPC is $ 2.00.
  • Only run keyword-targeted campaigns.
  • Only run text ads.
  • The publication of the ads must be executed for the entire period in which the nonprofit organisation utilises the Adwords account in Grants.

Rich Clicks is a selected Premium Google Partner Agency that can help you with any Google Grants campaigns, starting from the initial application to the complete management. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Tell us about your project