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A career in Digital Marketing

Join us and help us disrupt the industry. We want every client to succeed thanks to our strategies.

Want to join us?

So, you want to work for a Digital Marketing Agency? Imagine, a nice workstation, a list of tasks that someone has prepared for you, flexible deadlines, a bit of routine, everything smooth and simple. That’s what your looking for, right? Ok, search on Google for our competitors. You will find your job. Good luck.

Still reading? Are you a masochist? Ok, we warned you.


Rich Clicks is different. Our agency has the mission to rewrite the guidelines of the “ideal” Digital Marketing Agency. How?

  • We assign Digital Marketing Consultants to each project (the most experienced in the client’s industry) and an executive team.
  • We have no middlemen between the client and the project. The consultant will be the person that will be blamed for any issues. Ok not all of them, but most. Hang on! not everything is that bad because we apply the same perception for the success that you achieve so the merit will be always yours.
  • We have only certified Google Professional Consultants. Expired certification? We are sure you will be able to pass the exams every year. We want you to be always up to date with the Digital Marketing Industry trends and tools.
  • We innovate. The world is built on this single keyword, innovation. We want to innovate to deliver the best result possible, through new strategies, efficient tools and great people!
  • We have a business philosophy based on equality so forget about vertical hierarchy, every team member has a voice, value and the respect of the rest members.

Are you the perfect candidate? These are our requirements:

  • Loves challenges. Our boss is a Marathon runner. Are you ready to run a Marathon?
  • Wonderful Team Player. You won’t be a “sole” consultant. We are a team of consultants, ready to give a kidney for each other. Ok, maybe not a kidney… but you’ve got the point.
  • Does research, keeps inspired, thirsty of knowledge. Our clients don’t want a simple Digital Marketing Campaign. They want “The Digital Marketing Campaign”.
  • Loves this job. Only who has a strong passion for what he/she is doing can succeed.
    And we want to succeed, with you.

Think you have all of these? Ok then read further.

What we offer:

  • We are young, small but very dynamic. We will grow and you can be one of the pillars of Rich Clicks. Meritocracy rules.
  • On-going training and Google events.
  • 1 Extra day holiday for every year worked.
  • Birthday day off!
  • Flexibility in working time.
  • Work from home, when applicable.
  • Competitive salary with high bonuses.

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