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Rich Clicks Become a Google Premier Partner Agency


Rich Clicks Become a Google Premier Partner Agency

This week our Google Rep informed us that, for being among the top most deserving partner agencies, we are now a Google Premier Partner.

Becoming a Premier Agency gives us access to a large pool of resources that we are able to use for the benefit of our clients. In addition, for our projects, we are given the privilege of even more support from our Google Representative, as well as the opportunity to participate in events, training sessions and business specialisations more frequently.

What does this actually mean? In short, Rich Clicks continues to remain even more up to date with the latest techniques and online strategy, strengthening our experience and improving our services for our clients, relating to Google products.

Google is putting together a program consisting of activities especially designed for Premium Partner Agencies. “The goal of the Premier Badge is to enhance the expertise of the agencies in regards to the sustainability of their clients and business model.”

Being a Premier Agency is a special milestone and a clear sign of appreciation of our results with Google.

For more information, visit our Google Partner Profile here!