A Google Partner Agency is not always the best choice

A Google Partner Agency is not always the best choice

If you think that working with a Google Partner Agency is the best choice for your business, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re mistaken.
While working with a Google Partner Agency is certainly a great start of your business, choosing a Google Premier Agency will give you that extra needed boost!

What, you ask, are the differences between a Google Partner Agency and a Google Premier Agency?

One word stands out above all others: meritocracy.

Any company or agency can become a Google Partner!

Any person who is able to manage AdWords campaigns and has a good understanding of keywords can become a Google Partner. In fact, the process for receiving this qualification is open to experts from any agency in the world.

So, what makes a Google Partner Agency unique?

The Google Partner Agency title is given to agencies whose teams comprise of professional and expert consultants who have demonstrated their individual ability in the digital sector.

The skills of said consultants have been accurately measured through achieving certifications created by Google directly, which test the ability to use Google’s advertising platforms. To receive this title, 100% of the agency’s consultants must have achieved these certifications.

Through study and dedication, one can achieve these prestigious AdWords certifications, after having passed the timed online exam.
Certifications remain a tangible piece of evidence to demonstrate knowledge and competence in AdWords and are mandatory for all consultants to achieve a Google Partner Agency badge. Demonstrating your skills is the best business card for presenting yourself to new customers and businesses who will immediately understand that you are an industry expert.

What other requirements are there in order to become a Google Partner Agency?

Without a doubt, Google must also evaluate many other requirements before assigning this title which uses the company’s very name.

  • Be a full package agency. Goole must be sure of the capacity of the agency’s consultants not just in the theoretical sense but also in the practical sense. Those who aspire to this recognition must be able to handle competitive budgets. In fact, it is a requirement to spend 10,000… in a period of 90 days from the opening of the client account.
  • Follow best practices. Once you have requested participation in this program, Google monitors and observes the performance of your campaigns to ensure that they are being run in the best way possible. Once the effectiveness of the campaigns is confirmed, Google issues a certificate of performance (Best Practice.
  • Certified consultants. At least one agency employee must have achieved an AdWords certification.

Only through excellence can one become a Google Premier Partner!

Although anyone can become a Google Partner, only the best agencies can aspire to be chosen by Google to advance to the level of a Google Premier Partner.

This title is the most advanced level for Google Partners and is a qualification that can only be assigned by Google to agencies that excel in their performance on both AdWords and Analytics.

How are Premier Partner Agencies chosen?

Google is very careful and does not miss a thing.
The performance of each AdWords campaign is constantly monitored by Google experts, who are ready to provide support for any issues that may arise. Similarly, employees are also very careful to keep in mind all the AdWords campaigns that work perfectly and bring constant benefits to their customers.
This is who Google Premier Partner Agencies have been chosen: Google creates a list of recognised agencies who stand out from the others thanks to the results they achieve.

These are the values demonstrated by agencies, including Rich Clicks, which have demonstrated the effectiveness and productivity of their tailor-made client campaign strategies.

Another fundamental parameter for this selection is the level of communication between client and agency.

How did Rich Clicks come to be selected as a Premier Partner Agency?

There is a whole range of reasons:

  • Our consultants have strong technical experience in handling AdWords campaigns, having achieved consistent results across all platforms. At this point in time, Google recognises Premier Partners that are specialised in the following categories:
  • Search Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Display Ads
  • We are always prepared to help the client with any issues or questions via email, phone or even via video chat on Skype.
  • We maintain high performance for our customers and this has not gone unnoticed by Google. By managing many types of businesses (from large market-leaders to the smallest start-ups) we are able to create strategies to suit every need, and our consultants understand how and where to work to get the best results.

What are the advantages of being a Google Premier Agency?


Having been officially recognised by the Google team, we are the first to be informed about all new updates released by the Big G.
This allows us to preview all the beta versions of the AdWords platform, so our clients are always one step ahead of the rest.
We receive personal assistance from Google specialists, and with their added expertise we are committed to being a team that is ready to optimise the performance of AdWords campaigns.

To summarise, there are plenty of advantages for which you should choose a Google Premier Partner Agency!

Our relationship with Google allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest developments within their platform, and this ensures our clients receive maximum results – every single time.


Are you sure you want to work with an agency whose AdWords campaigns always excel?

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