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Lactoflorene goes Omnichannel: watch the new TV ad


Lactoflorene goes Omnichannel: watch the new TV ad

Lactoflorene is a food supplement line owned by Montefarmaco OTC, a RichClicks long-standing client, with whom the synergy continues through new, important projects that look at the core of digital marketing’s future.

RichClicks’ digital advertising campaign embraced an omnichannel marketing strategy, integrating the best solutions online and offline, following a method that is capable of reaching the most effective exposure for a brand.

After the initial Youtube bumper ads setup, the campaign launched its media strategy, by mid-January, through radio and TV. In fact, the ad has reached the major national broadcaster in Italy, covering another important size of the audience. The goal of the campaign has been achieved, for the client’s satisfaction, thanks to the usual teamwork.

Watch the backstage of the new spot below!

Sta per arrivare il nuovo spot di #lactoflorene. Vi diamo un assaggio con il backstage delle riprese di quello che…

Posted by Lactoflorene on Wednesday, 9 January 2019