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Develop the best mobile marketing strategy

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Develop the best mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing is not only a specific digital marketing strategy for your businesses to appeal to mobile device users but also, the opportunity to provide customers and potential consumers with a personalised approach regarding the time and their location. It opens the door to give consumers precisely what they need and when they need it, even if they are on the go. 

Through Mobile Marketing, the chances to connect to consumers have been expanded, and it’s on your hands to take the best advantage of it. The time of Mobile Marketing had already arrived. Still, every day more users are spending more significant amounts of time browsing from mobile devices, and the trend will continue to increase. 

Mobile Marketing offers the opportunity to develop unique and tailored approaches through all the mobile options available (social media, websites, mobile app, and so on). 

The mobile marketing strategies that you need to know.

Nowadays, there is a significant range of mobile strategies that indeed will lead your company to succeed. The impact of such procedures will depend on your industry, budget and target audience. Through this article, we aim to help you understand the digital path that your business should take on mobile phone devices. 

  • The traditional SMS: we owed a mention to SMS marketing given that it can be considered the beginning of mobile marketing. Despite it might be sort of old fashion now, as we mentioned before, it would depend on your industry and audience. Older generations still pay attention to SMS and, if you have collected user’s phone numbers, they can be an interesting channel to send offers and promotions to your consumers. 
  • Mobile Ads: Inside the mobile ads, we need to consider two different categories: mobile image ads and mobile search ads. Both of them will help you boost your business’ visibility through mobile devices and strengthen relationships with the audience. Either by image-based ads which are optimised to appear on such devices or, by mobile search ads, which can feature extra ad-on extensions such as click-to-calls. 
  • Location-based marketing: The location-based ads allow you to establish a relationship between your business location and your target audience. Optimising your efforts and showing your mobile ads only when they are as close as you consider relevant to your business. 

The best mobile Marketing Practises

Now that we went through the main mobile marketing strategies, it is crucial to understand the best practices to create a mobile marketing strategy that will be effective and successful for your business goals.  

  • Always your Buyer Persona on your mind: Consider your buyer persona to define what type of Google, approach and channel will be more useful to reach them. Is your buyer personal very active on social media? A gamer, perhaps? What age range are we targeting?. Such questions are the key to plan your mobile marketing approach.
  • Local optimisation: studies confirm that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent, make sure that your mobile strategy is well optimised to reach consumers near you, and you take the best advantage of your investments. Regarding distance, ‘less is more’, so focusing your mobile strategies to your surroundings is the best decision. 
  • Clarity and concision will be great partners in crime: Remember that smartphones and portable electronic devices will be considerably smaller than desktops computers, be creative and original in short sentences which can be easily read on small screens and while moving.  
  • Test different strategies: Mobile marketing allows you to implement different approaches to find the best one for your business. It is time to be brave and think out of the box. 
  • Track your results and get your conclusions: Mobile Marketing is excellent to try and test several strategies but, don’t forget to track their performance and results to establish your best mobile marketing strategy. 


Mobile Marketing will allow you to reach consumers near you and boost your sales shortly, thanks to its rapidity and efficiency with the near-you target. But it is crucial to understand the best approach and spare no effort to understand the strategy which will lead your business to new goals. 

Are you ready for your best mobile marketing strategy?

Richclicks article

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