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Lead Nurturing: Basics And Digital Implementation

Lead Nurturing: Basics And Digital Implementation

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead Nurturing is a marketing concept that arises from the development of the Inbound approach. The focus of this emergent method is put on how to build effective relations with leads throughout the different stages of the marketing funnel. Implementing a well thought and tailored Lead Nurturing strategy can have a substantial positive impact on the results of your digital marketing plans.

The ultimate objective of Lead Nurturing is to turn prospects into real customers actively. Defined target audiences are approached with the information they need, or they engage with. Marketing messages must be relevant; as well as adaptable to the specific funnel stage in which different leads’ groups are in.
Listening to real prospects’ needs and preferences is vital to implement a Lead Nurturing strategy successfully.

Let’s get started!

As intended communication flow on Lead Nurturing is based on messages’ personalisation; the most significant digital marketing channels to this strategy, are the ones allowing a closer personal communication. Email Marketing has been the leading channel thus far, along with Social Media and Mobile Marketing. However, since Lead Nurturing is on the up and general email open rates are not that promising; the tendency goes towards a wider multichannel nurturing, which supports all digital channels to a greater or lesser extent.
Using targeted content for Lead Nurturing has become a must for all companies interested in this method. Generating buyer personas can be helpful to create tailored content blocks, that will be used to nurture different segment audiences. Likewise, content specifications will vary depending on the stage of the funnel and previously planned marketing triggers.

Wondering how to undertake the digital implementation of Lead Nurturing?

The initial point from which to start implementing a nurturing digital Inbound strategy is to rely on a powerful marketing automation platform to identify leads, segments and other relevant information.
Here there are a few worthwhile tactics to help you nail your strategy.

  • Multiple Touches
    This approach supports the idea that should receive from 8 to 10 digital touches from the moment they enter the funnel until they finally become customers. When planning your digital strategy, those “touches” must be predefined on each stage of the funnel, accurately choosing digital channels and marketing content for each buyer persona.

  • Optimised Follow-Ups
    Not only that, automated lead nurturing can shed light on follow-up, frequency and triggering. Chances of turning prospects into customers are usually higher when contacted right after a digital interaction such as a website visit, app download, click or high level of engagement. These interactions will trigger an effective follow-up message to persuade leads to move to the next stage of the funnel, depending on the information provided by the Lead Nurturing research. This method can thus, help estimate follow up timings and assiduity, depending on specific audience features and fostering leads’ conversions.

  • Lead Scoring
    This methodology aims to rank leads considering their digital behaviour. Digital actions from different users will be registered to assign a punctuation. Users ranking high will be considered as hot leads, close to conversion. The worst ranked leads will need further nurturing to complete the funnel.


To sum up, lead nurturing can help you to empower your business in several ways and deserves all your attention. A complete lead nurturing strategy can provide your company with remarkable success. Thanks to a correct marketing automation strategy you can obtain the best advantages from your leads and improve the results of your activities online.


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