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Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing, Pioneering Methodology

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound Marketing is the most effective method for digital marketing as the focus is on creating specific and tailored content that meets the needs of users. The philosophy is that the user searches for content and finds you, rather than you chasing the user. Inbound Marketing is a useful for marketers who have or are able to create content designed for the purpose of being extracted by users for a given search.

Driving Traffic to Yourself

The innovative methodology, now widely adopted in the USA, differs from traditional marketing because content is specific to different types of users and customers. When the content is created, different customers needs are catered for.

The key concepts

  • Content + distribution
    Create content targeted to the needs of your potential customers and distribute across appropriate channels.
  • Lifecycle Marketing
    Identify and understand where your customer is in their buying journey when communicating with them.
  • Customisation
    Tailoring content to your audience. Tailored marketing is marketing that works.
  • Multi-channel
    Have a presence in all of the digital channels that your customers are active on.
  • Additional Resources
    Integrating an array of resources in order to get a better overview of your industry and your customers.

Inbound Marketing Certification

The consultants at Rich Clicks are officially certified in Inbound Marketing by HubSpot, the main platform in distributing information and providing training in Inbound Marketing.

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