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Top International Digital Marketing Agencies form an alliance

Dall International

Top International Digital Marketing Agencies form an alliance

Dall Int is a digital marketing alliance born to offer European clients an international network which will support the market opening and business expansion across Europe.

Thanks to this alliance European agencies who share common values and deeply believe in digital innovation can provide the engagement of a robust digital community that works together all across the European market. The alliance expects to be a set of guarantees for all the agency members to improve the projects and provide the best results for every single client. Working with any Dall Int member will make you highly competitive not only for your local market but also internationally.

The Dall Int manifesto:

Consistent, documented top-notch results for clients: Dall Int already has a large number of successful case studies, and its primary goal is to carry on new challenges that can empower those businesses that want to be part of the European giants in the digital market.

Hole-hearted and international cooperation: sharing is caring, and Dall Int members are more than aware of it! For this reason, all the agencies can rely on the rest of the members to expose particular cases, doubts and challenges to discover the way that the rest of Europe is embracing the digital market evolution, and how other regions of the continent are dealing with the digitisation of businesses.

Therefore, even if your market is mainly national, working with a Dall Int agency member can give you the opportunity to innovate and re-establish your position in your local market.
Thought and action leadership: Dall Int aims always to find all the opportunities existing through the online market for all the clients. Listening to the expectations and goals of clients carefully, the alliance is ready to work in cooperation to lead the projects to their best results.

All together in Poland.

The Dall meeting for the beginning of 2018 took place in Lodz, Poland where the agency Bluerank placed their HQ. They have been the agency in charge of welcoming the rest of members for the first meeting of the year when we all discuss the next steps that should be taken to strengthen the performance of the alliance and provide substantial support for all the clients. In this meeting, we exposed a variety of methodologies to help managers to improve the role of the agencies in different types of projects. Moreover, we had the time to discuss new tools to communicate with each other, what will be the most effective way to cooperate and, the future that we all want to draw for the alliance long term.

Dall Int goals.

The common purpose of the members is to celebrate Dall Int meetings twice a year to discuss all the innovation and newest incorporations in the digital market across Europe, discover the most effective methodologies to develop projects in the different areas of the continent and exchange advice and experiences which could help and inspire other projects in process. Exposing and sharing several experiences Dall Int agencies expect to deliver unique and tailored projects adjusted to every market, business sector and companies goals. Forming a partnership with any of the Dall Int members will make your company belong to a strong and European digital community which will give all the support needed to reach the objectives of your business and will give to your project an international recognition that could help the growth of your company.

Rich Clicks as a Dall Int member.

Rich Clicks could not be prouder to be part of the agencies co-founders of Dall Int and a pioneer of such an inspirational project, always thinking and working to offer the most efficient services for our clients and, also embracing the alliance as an incredible opportunity to cooperate and help to improve the international digital market. As the rest Dall Int members, we cannot wait to include more new members, representing more European countries that will open the horizon of the alliance and all the business part of it.

Meet all the members of Dall Int, the best independent agencies in their main markets:

  • Rich Clicks: agency selected to represent the Italian market.
  • Bluerank: agency selected to represent the Polish market.
  • AWE: agency selected to represent the French market.
  • Web2Media: agency selected to represent Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets.
  • Traffic Builders BV: agency selected to represent Dutch market.
  • Universem: agency selected to represent Belgian market.
  • Sleeping Giant Media: agency selected to represent the British market.

After this meeting in Poland, new doors for the alliance have been opened, more innovation has been included and, many internal aspects have been improved. Satisfaction and inspiration would be most accurate two words to describe the general feeling after such a proactive reunion. Now, we all feel more motivated to keep our work on top and translate our satisfaction and inspiration into the best results for every project.

From Rich Clicks we want to sincerely express our gratitude once again to Bluerank for offering the best hospitality to all of us and, to the rest of the agencies which have made this meeting possible.

Want to know more about us and how we can help in the European markets? Contact us.

A few photos of the event

Dall International Dall International Dall International Dall International Simone Luciani and Claudia Quintero at Dall

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