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Dall Int: the alliance formed by independent agencies across Europe.

Rich Clicks - Dall int. press release

Dall Int: the alliance formed by independent agencies across Europe.

Dall int is an international digital marketing alliance formed by independent agencies across Europe. Our goal is to join forces and create a digital marketing network which can offer the highest and most innovative support to all the clients working with any Dall int agency. Sharing knowledge and getting all the different European regions together has resulted in a robust digital marketing community ready to expand markets and provide a broad vision of the international market that will empower businesses in whole Europe.

Welcoming new members.

Dall int has been honoured to welcome in the alliance two digital agencies as new members of the project. Attacat as the representer of the Scottish market and, Peak Ace from Germany have joined the rest of Dall int members covering two other countries of the European market. The alliance includes independent agencies supported by Google being part of the Google Premier Partners to guarantee the best quality and efficiency in all the services performance offered by every member. Rich Clicks is one of the proud founder members of Dall int, believing in a new way of working all together to provide the sector with a solid block for media agencies and advertisers willing to work in cooperation and create a unique alternative to accelerate the European digital market for our clients.

The network across Europe.

With the arrival of the two new members, Dall int is covering already from Italy to the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), as well as including The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland and, most recently Scotland and Germany. Moreover, the alliance expects to include more new members through this year and achieve a full covering in the European market by the end of 2018. All Dall int members are wide aware of the needs of innovation and desires of expansion that clients can manifest and thus;  it has been understood the importance of adapting companies flow to such a globalised market and run the extra mile to lead performances out of the crowd.

Simone Luciani, CEO & Co-founder of Rich Clicks says: “For an international agency like Rich Clicks, DALL represents the biggest opportunity to deliver a tailor-made level service to our clients in any European country.

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