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Amazon Advertising and SEO: stand out your business.

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Amazon Advertising and SEO: stand out your business.

Amazon is still one of the most trusted E-commerce platforms worldwide, more than the 30% of all the E-commerce shoppers start their online purchase journey through Amazon. Such platform offers for all type of E-commerce business a wide range of advantages and benefits on the wild competitive market.

For example, advertising on Amazon allows business to sell directly to buyers instead of just browsers and, while Google helps you during the research process about a product, Amazon is a space where users enter with a product already in mind and willing to buy. Also, this E-commerce platform permits business to optimise their advertising performance by adjusting the selected budget and keywords at any time, as well as choosing the most suitable type of ad for the strategy developed among their several advertising options, with the possibility of pausing and restarting such campaigns.

Discover the different types of ads available on Amazon and tips to increase your SEO ranking, traffic and conversion within this platform.

Amazon advertising types

Seller Central Advertising

The Seller Central Advertising involves Amazon sponsored products and, it is available for Amazon third-parties sellers. It is a type of advertising similar to Google shopping where your company is given two options for targeting your already or potential customers.

  1. Automatic targeting: a broad way of targeting based on your product information to be visible for all the customer searches. It can be very beneficial to launch easy campaigns when you are starting and, campaigns to discover the right keywords.
  2. Manual targeting: it will be based on your chosen keywords as you can add keywords on broad, full phrases and exact match types. Moreover, Amazon has introduced negative keywords to improve your digital campaigns.

Smart Uses

This type of Amazon advertising offers your business flexibility of keyword advertising, and you can launch campaigns focused on different marketing strategies such as:

  1. Advertising for the generic terms: your company will have the ability to decide between using very specific keywords to improve ROI or, use a vocabulary more generic and reach a wider audience.  
  2. Advertising for competitor’s terms: Amazon reviews can make or break the product’s sales; therefore if you have massive support from your audience you can target your buyer personas through your competitor’s specific keywords when their visibility is higher and leads the market.

Amazon Marketing Service

Also known as Vendor Ads, giving you the opportunity of selling to Amazon as a vendor and have access to its vendor-only advertising platform. The platform wants to offer targeted cost-per-click advertising solutions to help vendors. In this way, your business will have the ability to analyse all the insights of your strategy and campaigns on this platform, from controlling you spend with a daily budget to measure your ROI and optimise the campaign performance with sales reporting.

Amazon Sponsored Products

These Ads drive Amazon searchers straight to a particular product that your business is selling on this platform. By clicking on your sponsored advertisement, your shoppers will be directed to the ads product details.

Thanks to Amazon Sponsored Products your company will be able to promote individual products while using keyword targeting and have the option of selecting either phrases or broad match types. However, your Advertisement will be only target using broad keywords.

The campaigns through sponsored products drive an outstanding ROI as well as give a best-selling product remarkable visibility.

Headline Search Ads

Headline Search advertisements are shown above the results as banners, and they are cost-per-click ads. Through them, you can drive your audience to practically any page on Amazon, including a brand page. The landing page appears customised branded and the ads are also keyword targeted which can be used to promote three or more products together.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Such Ads are not targeted using keywords, but rather by selecting where you would like your product to appear. Moreover, they are paid by cost-per-click methods.

These Ads will help you drive shoppers the products details page, and you will be able to choose from a broad selection or interests to target your Ads to potential and relevant consumers.

The reporting for these Ads is not about specific products but the entire campaign. Moreover, the returns from such Ads are positive but still lower than Headline Search or Sponsored Products advertisement.

Optimise your SEO on Amazon

The primary matter to SEO optimisation for Amazon is to understand the way that Amazon’s search algorithm works, which might be easy to say but harder to do. However, we can make it easier if we understand that Amazon’s goals are different to Google or Bing’s and it is essential for your E-commerce to understand that Amazon’s goal is to help consumers find the products that they search for so they can buy them and trust Amazon for future purchases. The keyword of such process it “buy” as the primary purpose is to offer the products that the visitors will buy and sellers can sell. In this transaction and rapidly sending the packages which hopefully will lead great reviews, Amazon finds their business.

Clarified this, we must analyse what Amazon will look at to drive shoppers to find the products that they are searching for.

Performance and Sales

Amazon’s algorithm will check, for example, your CTR (click-thru rate) in the search results, the conversion rate and finally sales.


The algorithm will analyse how well is the match between the product listing and the query that shoppers type for their searches.

Do you need help to improve those ranking factors for your listing? Contact us today!

Ultimately, Amazon has increased their focus on advertising and service improvement which has opened new opportunities that can yield success on your investment if you take a while to analyse your expectations what you want to achieve through your campaigns before creating them. Remember to check what your competitors are doing and find the niches that they have missed applying the right analysis. Always focus on your CTR’s and if you find that your listing is not performing as you expect it is the moment to start some experimenting and try anything that can please Amazon’s algorithm and goals.

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